Your Little Black Dress 2.0


The notorious LBD is notorious for a reason: easiest go-to in the world. However, many simply throw on heels, some minimal jewelry and call it a day. While it is plausible that your work is done there, here at Style on the Hill we like to go that extra mile and earn the brownie points with some styling. Here are a few simple get-more-bang-for-your-buck styling tips brought to you by the ever-fabulous-and-fashionable, Alex Moore:

1. Pattern

LBD_PATTERNMixing patterns adds interest and we all want that double take, right? Here, we simply inverse the polka dot patterns with the tights to bring the dress a whole new life.

2. Layering


Let’s be practical, it’s January. Yes, we can easily survive the bitter cold of the night with that trusty alcohol blanket, but walking to campus for an8 a.m., you’re gonna need some fabric on those limbs of yours.

3. Color


Can’t match to save your life? Me neither. I use this trick almost every day to put myself together: Black/Neutral + One Color (my new favorite color of choice: cobalt blue everything.)