WTF Is Up!? Super Tuesday, happy Leo, a very split Supreme Court and more!


By Darby VanHoutan


If you got more than 15 hours of sleep this week, is it really even the week before midterms? Luckily, there are still lots of things happening around the world while you take your power naps in the hallways of Wescoe. WTF is up!?

Super-Duper Tuesday

Some Tuesdays are good, and others are super. That was the case this week as a whopping 13 states and one American territory held primaries and caucuses for the 2016 presidential election. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t every day that politics is on the forefront of breaking news a super day?!” Why yes, I do agree. However, this day, also known the SEC Primary, is nicknamed Super-Tuesday due to the cornucopia of delegates that are at stake for the Presidential candidates. This day, which this year fell on Tuesday March 1 (AKA the day the world was blessed with Justin Bieber), is the only day during the election where this many states will be voting. Along with this super-ness, in the past the candidates who win the most states on Super Tuesday usually serve as a predictor of who will be that political party’s nominee. HOW SUPER!

The results: Hillary Clinton secured the most amount of states, winning 7, while Bernie Sanders grabbed four. On the republican side, the always charming Donald Trump won 7 states. Ted Cruz was the winner in 3 states, and Marco Rubio hung in there with one state. John Kasich and Ben Carson..well…they got some votes.

Did you think I was going to forget about super Saturday? Well, it might not be officially declared super, but there will be 47 caucuses across the state of Kansas this Saturday March 5. This is important. You can register to vote prior to the caucus from 1-3 pm, and then they will begin at 5. Click here to find the location of the democratic caucuses and here to find the republican caucus location. It’s going to be…super.

Why the number 22 ruined my week

Another week, another missed opportunity at the Kylie Jenner lip kit. Personally, I make it my weekly goal to not act disappointed when the Kylie Jenner’s lip kit sells out in seconds, and this week was no different. However, the lip kit queen mixed things up this week by adding a new and improved orange shade that she named “22”. Jenner gave her devoted Instagram followers (myself included) a teaser of the color on Sunday. The next day Kylie opened her website again for people to purchase the lip kits around 3pm PST. I may or may not have been sitting on my floor sweating over my computer when I found this out, but no one can prove anything. However, a mere 16 minutes later and the kits were completely sold out. It’s at this point when I should consider not even checking Jenner’s Instagram next week to see when she will open her site again, but you know I will.

What’s really going on with the Supreme Court abortion case

On Wednesday the United States Supreme Court heard the beginnings of the first case of our generation having to do with abortion. The case is in regards to Texas laws placed on abortion clinics and doctors. However, like many cases heard by the Supreme Court it won’t simply affect people in Texas, but rather set a precedent for the entire United States. The main issue of the case is whether the laws Texas places on abortion clinics and doctors interferes with the constitutional right for women in the United States to have an abortion. In summation, if the court sides with the plans Texas has, over twenty abortion clinics will be forced to shut down, making it even more difficult for women in Texas to have access to a legal and healthy way to receive medical attention for an abortion. Along with this, it would also seem as that other states could follow in the footsteps of Texas making it harder for women in America to find a safe location to exercise their constitutional right to an abortion if they so choose.

Of course this is case is more difficult than others due to the vacant justice position in the Supreme Court. After Wednesday’s proceedings it appears that the court is stuck in a stalemate on the decision. The final decision on the case will most likely be delivered in June. This will add heat to the presidential campaign. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking… “It’s 2016 and women still don’t have complete control over what they do with their own bodies?” Yeah, this case is important.

Also, (here) is a helpful graphic from the New York Times showing what it would look like if the Supreme Court did change a woman’s current access to abortion.

Leonardo Dicap- Do I even need to finish that?

February 28 might just become a national holiday after what took place at the 2016 Academy Awards this past Sunday. Actor and certified wow-you-are-literally-so-beautiful-I-can-not-breathe-and-will-most-likely-never-love-again-hunk Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar and the entire world celebrated with him. DiCaprio was awarded the Oscar for best actor for his performance in The Revenant. A quick summary of the film: lots of beards, a h-angry bear, DiCaprio inside a dead horse, more beards, some h-angry guys with beards, and DiCaprio surviving every horrible thing that could ever happen to man in the 1800s.

This was a big moment due to the fact that this was DiCaprio’s sixth nomination for an Academy Award and the first time he has actually won one. Let’s be honest, anyone who saw him drift into the ocean after selfish Rose let go of his hand in Titanic knows that he deserves this. There was plenty of room on that door Rose. Not to mention, along with accepting his first Oscar, DiCaprio utilized his speech time to bring awareness to Global Warming. Does his beauty know no end? *sigh*