WTF Is Up?! – Snapchat Updates, A New Trailer, and more!



By Darby VanHoutan

This was a week of recovery. A time to return to more fluffy news and look at cat pictures. Of course, my bank account, sleep schedule and let’s be honest – grades may never recover. Nevertheless, the sun rose and the Earth continued to orbit the Sun and that means we have to stay updated. Here’s WTF happened this week.

Kendall Jenner….WYA?

We all need a little detox sometimes. I once only ate yogurt for an entire week in high school because my friend told me it would help me sleep. Well, it didn’t. Television personality, supermodel and all around gangster Kendall Jenner is doing a little detoxing herself. A cleansing is what she credits her most recent decision to completely delete her Instagram.

She made the decision to do so at the beginning of this week and I miss her risque nipple slip pictures already. Although a lot can be said about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall was always on the forefront of pushing gender stereotypes and ridiculous rules on the picture sharing social media site. She herself had the most liked picture in history in 2015 with an extremely adorable picture of her hair in the shape of hearts that every teenage girl tried to remake in their friends’ basement.

On Wednesday, Jenner commented on the news while appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show. She said the main fuel behind her decision was that she was becoming too dependent on the app, checking it when she woke up and right before she went to bed. Girl. I feel you. We all feel you. Please, come back.

Not Your Grandad’s Spectacles

Who would charge $129 for glass that comes out of a vending machine? Snapchat. The company has recently made an update to the app that is actually taking place not just on our phones but in real life. They created a pair of glasses, called Spectacles, that record videos straight from the shades themselves. Now we can drunkenly record our friends at the Hawk hands free! You just pair the glasses to your device and shazam! You can press the little button located on the glasses to record a 10 second video that gets saved to your Snapchat memories. It even comes in super cute packaging that has a case that serves a charger. What!? The future is ~lit~.

But wait! The Spectacles aren’t as easy to get your hands on as you’d think. The company sells the glasses through vending machines that look like giant minions that are called Snapbots. They pop up randomly with one appearing just earlier this week in Venice Beach, California. As you can imagine, they sell out rather fast and can also be purchased on E-Bay for a quick $600-$2,000. However, if you’d like to chase Snapchat’s bots around the world you can visit their website and prepare yourself to pay the $129 the vending machines charge for the product.

A Beauty and the Beast Update

I’m a sucker for Disney Fairytales. I can commonly be found combing my hair with forks like The Little Mermaid or belting out I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan. So, of course, I was ecstatic when I saw that Disney was making yet another (they released a live action of Cinderella in 2015) live action version of one of their most beloved fairytales, The Beauty and the Beast. They strung me along even further this week when they released their second trailer for the film that premieres in March of 2017. It was a big moment for me since the first trailer was just Belle wandering around and saying “hello”.

The remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast seems to have a similar story line and will hopefully contain the same bangers like Be Our Guest and Gaston. It will also have the same romance between a very troubled beast man and an adorable bookworm played by wizard Hermione. I mean…actress Emma Watson. Regardless, this trailer isn’t enough to satisfy me and I already need more.