WTF Is Up?! – New Headphones to Lose, New Videos to Watch, and More!


By Darby VanHoutan



Who Would Fight With Drake at Cheesecake?

The Canadian treasure that is Drake released a video for Child’s Play, a song from his most previous album Views, on Monday. The video is life changing. Of course, I may be biased because I wake up every morning and pray to a shrine filled with Drake pictures.

The video is set in the nicest Cheesecake Factory in history and features the rapper with a face full of cake for a majority of the video. It also stars a very relatable Tyra Banks who screams my new favorite line of all time “I call you Aubrey. Your mom calls you Aubrey. These bitches call you Drake”. If you’re having a bad week or enjoy an angry Tyra Banks, I would 10/10 recommend this video.


WTF is the Pipeline & Why Does it Matter?

At this moment, there are plans for a 1,170 mile pipe to be placed under the United States to serve the purpose of transporting oil.  This pipeline is set to cost $3.7 billion and will carry roughly 470,000 barrels of oil every day. I know. Cool, right? No. It’s a pipeline. We’ve heard about this before. However, this particular pipeline is set to be placed under North Dakota prairies. I know. Cool, right? No, it’s some prairies.

Here’s the important part: these North Dakota prairies are home to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe. The pipeline will run under their homes, villages, families, and cemeteries. This pipeline, which could result in spills and contamination of the water of the Missouri River which is essential to their lives, is set to be put in place soon. They have requested a halt to construction on this pipeline and it is currently up for debate at a federal court in Washington. It may take a judge until the end of the weekend to decide a verdict on whether or not to allow a continuation on the project.

Every day an estimated several hundred people from the tribe – many from around the country – make the trip to the construction site to protest the environmental tragedy. This protest has been happening at Cannon Ball, North Dakota since April.


Sia pays Tribute to Orlando Victims

I can’t count the amount of times I have been truly confused by a Sia video. However, the video released for her latest song The Greatest on Tuesday comes with a more straightforward message. Like previous videos, it stars dancer Maddie Ziegler who is this time accompanied by 48 other young dancers. The setting of the video seems to be throughout a house, ending with all the dancers falling to the ground in what looks like an empty club full of disco balls. Ziegler who is present throughout the entire video starts the video by smearing rainbow paint below her eyes.

Although not confirmed by the singer herself, this video seems like an obvious tribute to the 49 victims of the massacre that took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando this summer.


iPhone gets Extra

For those that didn’t attend the iPhone 7 launch event in San Francisco, California on Wednesday, what exactly happened there may be a mystery. I know that I personally found out everything from my Apple-obsessed roommate that shouted everything at me from across the room.

It started with a James Corden led Carpool Karaoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook and a randomly selected Pharrell Williams. Cook then took the stage at the launch and told us all about the ~things~. These things are the iPhone Seven, iPhone Seven Plus, Apple Watch, and some iOS10 (arriving September 13) that will no doubt update on my phone when I’m mid Instagram trolling. Both phone updates include new things such as: no headphone jack, more storage space, new colors (“jet” and “black” which are both…black), a water resistant feature, and I’m sure other technology things that aren’t made for muggle minds like mine to understand. Read all about EVERYTHING included in the updates → here.

Of course Apple also released a stroke-inducing video summing the event up as well. You could watch it – It’s pretty cool. There’s some drums and lots of words that go by too quick to read and lots of stuff in different languages. Basically, there’s some new phones, watches, and tech-savvy things that I will truly never understand.