WTF Is Up?! Kim Kardashian’s goodies, a day to celebrate badasses (AKA women), and more


By Darby VanHoutan


I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t know WTF happened this week. I spent the entire week in the library, crying, and getting solid C’s on all my tests”. I understand. I’m glad you’re still here, but the world is still turning. Here’s WTF is up.

Kim Kardashian: uncensored

Kim Kardashian-West broke the internet again this week, but honestly are we surprised? On Monday, Kardashian-West tweeted a picture of her with some modest censor bars over her no-so-modest areas. The caption of this picture was appropriately titled “When you’re like ‘I have nothing to wear LOL’”. The world later found out that this picture was taken one year prior via another tweet from Kardashian. Of course, a scandalous picture on it’s own isn’t news, but the backlash the star received and how she handled it is. Stars like Piers Morgan, Bette Midler, and Chloe Moretz all chimed in with tweets of their own. Kardashian-West most likely understood the backlash she might get from the world, but in my humble opinion, she handled it very well. I mean she did send a few sassy tweets back, but I would expect nothing less. Later on Monday evening, Kim posted another “nude” on her twitter with the caption #liberated. Everyone is allowed to have their own feelings on this particular subject. You can share the same opinion as morgan, Midler, and Moretz, agree with Kardashian-West, or be fine with just eating macaroni and cheese and sitting back to observe it all. However, if posting a “nude” (and to be honest, really hot) picture to Twitter is what makes you confident in your own beautiful body, then do it! Everyone deserves to feel #liberated.

WTF Is happening in Flint, Michigan!?

I bet you like water. I bet you drink a lot of it. People it Flint, Michigan drink a lot of water too. However, two years ago the city switched where the residents received their water from and things got bad very quickly. Basically, to save money the city stopped getting water from Lake Huron and started getting it from the Flint River. The water was brown, smelled strange, and tasted horrible and Flint residents had no other option. The water wasn’t receiving adequate treatment and a pediatrician at a local medical center recently announced that it was also contaminated with lead. State officials called her hysterical and said her work was false a week before admitting that her findings were correct. This has been going on for two years and only three months ago did the governor Rick Snyder declare a state of emergency. The city is currently handing out bottled water to residents. Oh, and the lead-poisoning received from drinking this water is irreversible to the residents of Flint, which will cause multiple health issues in the future.
This issue came to the surface this week when Michigan had their presidential primaries on Tuesday. Trump was projected to win the republican nomination and did, receiving 36.5% of the votes. The surprise came within the democratic party after Bernie Sanders won receiving 49.8% of the votes. Hillary Clinton was projected to win by double digits in Michigan. What does this mean? Well, that Michigan is feeling the Bern and that water should definitely be treated and filtered.

Why International Women’s Week is Badass

Every year on March 8 women have an entire 24 hours to celebrate themselves. This has been going on since the early 1900’s on the first International Women’s Day. It was basically started in order to celebrate the political, social, and economic achievements of women. Celebrations happen all around the world on this day with rallys, parties, and just all around global love-fests for women.

This past Tuesday the world woke up, realized it was International Women’s Day and it was amazing. The Economist published their annual “glass-ceiling index” which shows the best and worst places for equal treatment of women (BRB moving to Iceland). There were marches all around the world where women took the opportunity to protest for equality. A newspaper in Scotland titled “Scotsman” changed it’s name to “Scotswoman” for the day. Virat Kohli, a cricket star in India, posted an apology tweet on behalf of all men. I mean I don’t read Scottish newspapers or watch cricket but ‘tis the season. I think any day that we can celebrate the all-around bad-assness of women is a good day.

Oh, and for all the men reading this thinking “Women are so great and amazing and get everything. Why can’t we have our own day?”. Don’t worry, you do and it’s only a few months away on November 19.

ZAYN blesses Midterm Week

It was a warm thursday morning and I, like everyone else, was slaving away at the library. It was at this exact moment that I realized that singer and all around ~HuNk~ Zayn Malik released another song from his upcoming album. I’m already emotionally unstable this week and Zayn is only making it worse. Malik’s first solo album will is set to release on March 25 but that hasn’t stopped him from teasing the public by releasing three songs from the album so far. First he released Pillowtalk, along with a video starring his girlfriend and model Gigi Hadid. Next he let out the song iT’s YoU which is basically just the ~feels~ to music. Most recently he released the song Like I Would early on Thursday morning and it doesn’t disappoint. Oh, and on Monday Malik released the track-list for his entire album on his Instagram. March 25 can’t come soon enough, right?!

J.K. Rowling isn’t done and I can’t breathe

On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed am I with Harry Potter? Oh, about 9 and ¾. You get it. I’m a fan. You’re a fan. Well, even if you’re not a fan you can appreciate the fact that goddess J.K. Rowling did big things in the wizarding world this week. Rowling began by releasing new installments on her website, Pottermore. She has released a new segment every day and bloody hell, I missed her. (I’m sorry, these jokes will end soon.) The series is titled “History of Magic In North America”.  Each piece is about a page long, aka not long enough. I’m hoping that she has even more for us muggles, I mean…granger things have happened. Okay, I’m done.