WTF Is Up?! – A New Baby, A New Nation, and more!



By Darby VanHoutan

A Disclaimer: I’m not going to pretend that certain things didn’t happen this week. I simply refuse to go into depth on them because I already know that the 2016 Presidential Election is all over your timeline. Republican nominee Donald Trump won with 290 electoral votes. In many ways this sucks and in many other ways it’s a completely new direction for politics. Let’s not talk about it. Instead, here’s a list of a few not-sucky things that happened this week.

A “Dream-y” New Kardashian

After nine excruciatingly long months, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had their baby girl. Personally, I wanna roll it up in butter and cinnamon and eat it. However, I also have uncommonly strange hunger feelings towards delicious little babies – especially Kardashian descendants. The baby, named Dream, was born early on Thursday morning.

The yummy little gal’s full name is Dream Renee Kardashian. Mother Chyna shared her with the world via Instagram video. Another step accomplished on their road to marriage. Until then, I expect many more delicious photographs.

Minnesota Made Moves

Believe it or not, there’s a positive side to this 2016 election. Many women most likely feel disenfranchised but girl power is still in full force. Ilhan Omar was elected the first female Somali-American Muslim legislator in America. Girl. Freaking. Power. Along with, hopefully, a place to break stigmas for the message the president elect has pushed against Muslims. Omar herself spent four years in a refugee camp before arriving in America.

Oh, and on her journey she defeated a 44-year-incumbent to become the Democratic nominee.

What’s a Wu Tang?

In 2014, a band named the Wu Tang Clan announced it was only making one copy of their newest album and giving it to the highest bidder. Pharmaceutical executive (the one that raised a prescription drug more than 5,000%), Martin Shrekli, was the highest bidder. Okay, cool. Exciting. As we learn later, along with this album came a contract that Shrekli would never publish any of the music to anyone.

On October 27, Shrekli tweeted that if Donald Trump won the American presidency, he would release parts of Wu Tang Clan’s album. Shrekli made good on his promise to the people this week and posted, via Facebook livestream, and showed “clips” of the songs since his contract stated he couldn’t release the entire songs.

I really think this is enough news for the week. Here’s a holiday puppy.