WTF Is Up?! A Life-Changing Baby Picture, Damn Daniel and more!


By Darby VanHoutan


Earlier this week I mistook gouda cheese for yogurt and learned that gouda cheese is gross and that I need to wear my glasses more often. Other than that I rate this week 10/10, WTF else is up!?

Is Saint West an actual saint?

Babies are interesting creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes and only about 23% of the babies I see DON’T freak me out. However, recently Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West blessed the world with their second beautiful offspring which makes me want to roll it up in a Chipotle burrito and eat it, in the most flattering way possible. Kardashian-West gave birth to her son Saint on December 5, 2015 but it was only this week when the world first saw the delicious Saint West. Kim posted the first picture of Saint on Monday February 22 on both her app and for us cheap peasants to view, on Twitter.

Saint was decked out in a white onesie with his yummy little arms raised above his head. The picture was released on her late father, Robert Kardashian’s, birthday. On her app, Kim also wrote along with the picture “Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there is nothing more in the world that he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all”. The release of this picture brings about two questions: (1) Will I ever stop using words like ‘delicious’ and ‘yummy’ to describe the scrumptious little baby? (2) Where can I get one?

Taylor Swift contributes $250,000 to #FreeKesha

Over ten years ago singer Kesha signed a contract with producer Dr. Luke and Sony Records. In 2014 Kesha filed a civil suit claiming that Dr. Luke drugged, sexually assaulted, and on many occasions verbally abused her. On Friday February 19 the New York State Supreme Court denied the singer’s request for an injunction that would allow her to make music elsewhere while the sexual assault case continues. The contract states that Kesha must release six albums before her contract is up and so far she has made two (Animal and Warrior). This means that if the singer wishes to continue releasing music, she has to do it working for the man she says raped her. Whether a person sides with the New York State Supreme Court or Kesha, it is quite obvious that the concept of being legally bound to an abuser is hard and sad to imagine. Many celebrities like Taylor Swift, Adele, Zedd, and other have defended Kesha. Swift donated $250,000 in support of Kesha. While accepting an award at the Brit Award on Wednesday evening singer Adele showed support by saying “I’d also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha.” On Thursday singer and producer Zedd sent a tweet offering support to help produce music for her, being one of the only men to support her publicly. Along with celebrities, people all around the world are using the hashtag #FreeKesha to show their support. Kesha also broke her silence on the issue in an Instagram post on Wednesday with the caption ending with “I love you all so much. a statement too large for this format is coming….”

Damn! ….. Daniel I wish I would have thought of that first

I was a firm believer that I hadn’t been sucked into the “damn, Daniel!” worm-hole this week. This was until I unintentionally shouted “DAMN, DANIEL” at some poor defenseless stranger wearing white Vans on the bus on Tuesday. Unless you are focused enough to not use social media or have just been asleep for five days you’ve heard about the viral video (which is a 30 second long edited collection of Snapchats) where a boy named Josh Holz admires his friend Daniel Lara’s outfits, and most importantly, his white Vans. In the video, Holz repeatedly films Lara while saying “damn, Daniel” and “Back at it again with the white Vans” and my personal favorite “spicy man, spicy.” The tweet currently has 330,000 retweets and 440,000 favorites and landed the two boys a visit to the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday. Here, Holz and Lara commented on things like the marriage proposals and (maybe only week long) fame they have received. Daniel Lara also received a lifetime supply of Vans while on Ellen. Check mate Daniel and Josh, I wish I would have thought of it. Also, lucky for everyone in the entire world youtube account titled Bomb Squad Records made a remix to the video called “Damn Daniel – Bombs Away Remix” and it. is. lit.

Why It’s more than just Apple vs. the FBI

The FBI and the well-known tech company Apple are in the middle of, to put it simply, a huge, gi-normous, important, unprecedented, and messy fight over encryption. This fight started after the iPhone belonging to one of the shooters from the San Bernardino terrorist attack was discovered by police during the investigation. Since both shooters are dead and they destroyed all other electronics, the iPhone is an important piece of evidence to the FBI. However, after a person has entered the wrong passcode into an iPhone ten times, it erases all data. This led to the FBI asking Apple to break into the iPhone. After Apple refused the request, the FBI issued a court order forcing them to do so. Basically, the FBI is wants the tech geniuses at Apple to write a new software that will allow the FBI access into the shooter’s iPhone.

FBI Side: The FBI is expected to defend their court order by explaining that they are simply asking for access to the phone of a terrorist so that they can collect information. They are saying that the information that they collect could be valuable in the future and that Apple refusing them access is not right.

Apple Side: Apple is expected to defend their refusal by explaining that encryption and coding are protected under the First Amendment, and that a court can’t force them to write a completely new version of their software. People at Apple are also saying that this won’t be just one phone, but eventually versatile for all phones, removing any sense of security.

The first deadline for the case is today, February 26, when Apple must file a response to the court regarding why they will now unlock the phone. Click here to see a timeline of the case, provided by CNN.