WTF Is Up?! – A delicious new album, an important speech, and more!


By Darby VanHoutan


Yes, okay!? Yes, I did put off every single important thing I had to do for the semester off until this week. Don’t act like you’re perfect! Just because I only got a total of seven hours of sleep this week doesn’t mean the world wasn’t still turning! WTF happened this week!?

Leo loves the Earth

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was busy this past weekend changing the world and being gorgeous. Which is more important? I mean maybe his chiseled features, but let’s focus on him changing the world. Last Friday, April 22, was Earth Day and many important decision makers for the United Nations met in Paris for the Agreement for Climate Change Signing. It was at this meeting that several countries set goals on reducing emissions. It’s nothing legal, but leaders and activists take this meeting and goal-setting seriously. Actor and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dicaprio, made an appearance before the signing to deliver a chilling speech to the leaders. His passion and feelings towards climate change made headlines earlier this year when he used his Academy Award acceptance speech to talk about his experiences and observations on climate change he had when filming the movie Revenant. Since first being declared a UN Messenger of Peace in 2014, DiCaprio has been busy calling on countries to do more than just what they have agreed to. The actor spared no emotion while delivering his speech, referencing leaders who had to make hard decisions, like Abraham Lincoln did with slavery. He then continued bringing in facts and figures but also called on the leaders to not just congratulate themselves but to get back to their countries and do something. Bra-freaking-vo Leo! I mean it’s one thing when a world leader tells you to do something, but when Leonardo DiCaprio stands in front of you all dressed up….how can you say no?

Ted Cruz made moves

The 2016 presidential race is still in full swing, though I’m sure you haven’t forgotten with all the very strange things happening. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the ~drama~ of the candidates. However, this week republican nominee Ted Cruz made a very important move. He chose his running mate, who will serve as Vice-President if he is to win the party nomination, and it’s none other than (very dramatic drum roll) Carly Fiorina. Does that name ring a bell? If so it is most likely because she was running against him a few months ago for the spot of president. Cruz is the first nominee to have announced his running mate. Cruz explains his reasoning behind the early announcement as a move to earn the vote of 1,237 delegates, which is the number needed to secure the nomination.  Although this pairing makes me somewhat terrified, it would be quite a diverse White House with Fiorina being the first female vice-president and Cruz being the first hispanic president. Will the other candidates be pressured to announce their running mates as well? (cue dramatic music) Honestly, with this election, who really knows?

My new favorite #LEMONADE

Beyonce is back and she’s better. I mean, was she ever gone? Was she ever bad? No, but earlier this month the singer gave the world a tease via Instagram of something called #LEMONADE. Uhm, vague much Bey? Well, the wait for the album titled #LEMONADE ended on Saturday when it premiered, visually, on HBO. Beyonce then released it on Tidal, Amazon, and iTunes. Basically, if you can afford $17.99 (aka TWO Chipotle burritos), then it’s all yours. Of course, if you’d rather spend that money on said burritos then I can break it down for you.

#LEMONADE is a visual album, meaning that along with the songs comes a series of videos, which the singer broke into different chapters with titles like “Intuition”, “Apathy”, “Resurrection”, and more. The story she tells is one of infidelity and eventually forgiveness and rebuilding. Along with this, she tells the story of black women in today’s society. The entire album is accompanied with voiceovers from queen B talking about her own story, quoting scripture, and reciting lines from Malcolm X.  Of course, the larger question is “WTF!? Who would cheat on Beyonce?????” (cough, cough Jay-Z). Jay-Z, her husband of eight years, makes an appearance in her song “Sandcastles” and the references throughout the album seem to make it ~pretty~ clear that it’s him to which she is referring. The only hint that B gives to who the other woman is in her lyric “he better call Becky with the good hair”. Beyonce fans then scoured the internet for whom this Becky might be. The most popular option is fashion designer Rachel Roy who posted a photo on Instagram (which has since been deleted) shortly after the release of the album with the caption “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens”. No comment.

Regardless, B felt some things, wrote some songs, made some kick ass videos and kicked off her Formation tour in Miami on Wednesday evening where she dedicated her song “Halo” to Jay-cheaterpants-Z. So moral of the story: when a guy/girl cheats on you just write a few songs, corn-row your hair back and remind him/her who you are.