WTF Is Up?! – A concert that changed my soul, leaked documents, and more


By Darby VanHoutan


I dropped an entire pot of coffee on my laptop and ruined it, and may have been more upset about the coffee I lost to my dorm floor than my laptop. Regardless, the Earth continued to turn, WTF happened this week!?

Kansas City got Bieber Fever

Okay, I’m not going sit here and try to lie to everyone about the obsession I have with the Canadian treasure that is Justin ~SmOkIn HoT~ Bieber. I’m 100% consumed with Bieber and got to experience his godliness in person along with thousands more fans at his concert at the Sprint center in Kansas City on Wednesday. His show included him ascending above the stage in a clear box singing “Mark My Words” off of his most recent album Purpose. Along with this came a turnt up drum solo where literal, glorious, beautiful sweat flew off of his tank-top adorned bod. Bieber even brought a velvet couch where he sat and blessed the crowd with his hit “Love Yourself.”

If I had one complaint about the concert it would be that he only took his shirt off once. I mean…I’m a college-aged Belieber and I deserved at least one more glimpse of the ink-covered, chiseled Justin Bieber. This outfit change came at the last song of the night and my personal favorite, “Sorry.” However, the shirtless moment did get even better: while his backup dancers tore it up under a downpour of faux-rain, Bieber ran downstage and ate it after slipping on the water. Don’t get me wrong, it was graceful and he somehow still made falling on your face sexy, but everyone needed that. I was beginning to think that dread-headed, beautiful, and amazing Justin Bieber had no flaws. Which, let’s be honest…he doesn’t—his continuing through the song and not missing a beat after the fall just proves that.

Panama Lost All Chill

Personally, I haven’t heard the word “Panama” since history class in high school where we learned about that one canal. However, right now it’s national news. Well, more specifically, a law firm located in Panama called Mossack Fonseca is national news. It was this law firm that was handling the cases of more than 70 heads of state, both past and current. These leaders, heads of state, and other people with super-duper important titles have been doing things like hiding how much money they have, money-laundering, and looting money from their own countries. Yeah, I know. I literally dig quarters out from beneath my bed just to pay for a burrito bowl at Chipotle and the people leading us have so much that they’re hiding it in off shore-accounts? #sketchy

This of course has been going on for years in many countries, but the information just surfaced after the documents containing this information were leaked earlier this week and have since been named the “Panama Papers.” The main source of the leak has still not been identified but the papers were first presented to the The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) by a German newspaper.

We can all admit that is a little embarrassing. I mean imagine getting caught for stealing $7 from your mom’s purse but on an enormous scale. It was so embarrassing and controversial for some involved that Iceland’s prime minister even resigned on Tuesday. Who knows what’s next?


Imagine this: So you’re third-wheeling on a date with your BFF and his/her boo and they’re all like, “OMG can you take this picture of us?” and of course you do. Then you see it on Instagram approximately .4 seconds later and you comment and say “Photo creds!”. Now imagine that instead of you, your friend, and the boo, it’s Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik (sigh). Except instead of a third wheel, the photographer was from Vogue, and instead of an Instagram picture it’s a full issue spread. I mean what’s the difference?

The couple escaped to Naples, Italy for the photo shoot and both Hadid and Malik released sneak peaks of the shoot on their Instagram accounts. The pictures include some strange-but-hot yoga moves in bed, motorcycle love, and basically them just making out with gorgeous things behind them. In the pictures, Hadid does things like…look gorgeous and Zayn does things like…make us drool. Put the two together and you get: goals. Click ~here~ to see the shoot for yourself. This issue of Vogue will be on stands in May, just in time to recover from Finals.

“Like”, “Literally”, I still can’t get your gloss Kylie

Kylie Jenner needs to find her chill. She’s back at it again with the makeup I need but can’t afford. However, instead of releasing more matte lipsticks that sell out in minutes, she changed things up. Earlier this week, Jenner released her new glosses which sell out in SECONDS. ~pause here to check website just in case she’s not sold out, oh wait yes she is~ Her new line includes three shades named “Like”, “Literally”, and “So Cute.” On top of the adorable names came a badass release video where Jenner drives a getaway Rolls Royce with her three bombshell friends. Like usual, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be waiting for my chance to get my damn hands on ‘em.