WTF is Up: 9 Things to Know


By Brooklyn Barnes, Samantha Darling, Kristen Polizzi and Blake Schuster


Broadway industry leaders dimmed the lights on 40 theater marquees to honor Joan Rivers after hearing protests from several theater producers and artists. Leaders reversed their previous decision to reserve the honor for active Broadway actors and lights were dimmed at 6:45 p.m. last night for 1 minute.

As tension flare in the Middle East, artists of Gaza use their artwork of the destruction as their own form of resistance.

The week is hardly halfway through and the sports world has been rocked with controversy. It’s not the horrifying video of former Ravens’ running back Ray Rice that’s the worst part either. Instead, all eyes are on the offices of the NFL. What matters now is who knew what, and when they knew it.

Author Emily Spivack talked about her new kind of fashion book in a question and answer session with NPR. Released in August, “Worn Stories” explores the meaning behind articles of clothing people just can’t get rid of, with notable accounts from the likes of performance artist Marina Abramovic and Piper Kerman, author of “Orange is the New Black.”

With the Power & Light District attracting so much attention, Westport underwent a bit of an image makeover to keep its dining atmosphere alive and its party scene bumping.

ESPN has famously avoided certain NFL topics the league frowns upon, but now that their top talent and reporters are caught in the crossfire of reporting the Rice situation, it seems ESPN isn’t letting the league off the hook.

In her new children’s book, “Firebird,” ballerina and KC native Misty Copeland seeks to inspire other young African-American dancers. Copeland discusses expectations of the African American body and encourages young dancers to press on even if they stand out.

Studying abroad? One of the best things to do while away is trying the authentic cuisine of the place you’re visiting. The Daily Meal provides a list of the best restaurants to visit across the board in Europe. Everything is listed, from the best places to get pasta in Italy to the best bar in Finland.

White girls, rejoice! Pumpkin spice flavoring is now available in contraceptive form. At least that’s what it looked like when a smartly Photoshopped image of a Durex-brand limited edition Pumpkin Spice condom circulated the internet this weekend. The company took to Twitter saying, “We can’t claim this one, but we do love it when people spice it up in the bedroom.” Pumpkin spice it up, that is.