Valentine’s Day: The Mildy Upscale Date (What to Wear)


Dinner and a movie*. Your standard date. Not to say that a creative date won’t score you extra points, but this classic combo is classic for a reason: you can’t go wrong with candlelight chatter over some good food and video entertainment. You just cant. SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-163Unlike bowling and ice cream, this date takes far more planning (on typically the mans side) and therefore, your outfit should reflect that. Put a bit more time and effort into it. Throw on a nice dress.  Splash on a red or hot pink lip, put on some heels and boom goes the dynamite. You’re a bombshell. (Gotta love Valentine’s day for the corny shit you can get away with)SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-118SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-137Once again, playing with the theme of Valentines is fun. I encourage you to be embarrassing. Holidays (even if they are relatively made up by Hallmark) only happen once a year. So milk that shit. Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red Pink&Red LibertyHallBathroom2Bust out that pink or red dress. Maybe a black dress with some Valnetines colored heels. Ooh Ooh! Lace! LibertyHallBathroomBy the time the previews are over, you should have discreetly taken a tissue (bring one in your purse) and wiped off your lipstick. There is nothing more awkward and simultaneously hilarious than having your lipstick smeared all over his face like the Joker from Batman. (why so serious?)SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-22SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-17Just remember: If you’re stuck tonight, or ever really, and don’t know what to wear: black booties, black tights, solid colored dress. Just like a dinner and movie, you cannot go wrong.SOTH_VDay_MovieDinnerDate20130213-52Have fun, you crazy kids!

*Big BIG thanks to 715 and Liberty Hall*<——–go there

-Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Models: Mackenzie Eveland and Thomas Richmond