Valentine’s Day: The Casual Date (What to Wear)


Typically, I’m all about dressing for yourself. I preach it and I live it. But if you are one of the lucky few going out on an actual Valentine’s Day date, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking what your date might find attractive into consideration. SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-69SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-74Skin is your friend. And your date’s or boyfriend’s favorite friend. Whether that means showing a little stomach, exposing a bit of back, flaunting those legs or, hey, who doesn’t love a little cleavage? Have no shame, gurl. You have a date. 

SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-22Feel free to add a little extra effort in the hair and make-up department, but besides that, take it easy. Hyperbolically speaking, you don’t want to be wearing a ball gown while he’s in a tee. SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-64Next thing to consider: “Hey, what kind of date am I going on?”

SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-82For an ultra casual date, something like bowling and ice cream*, unquestionably stick with good ol’ denim. Perhaps you can even go that extra mile with a colored jean. And what better than a cute red pair to take Valentine’s Day oh-so-literally. *awh * Again, no shame.

SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-114SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-106Jeans, and the addition of a cute top should do the trick.

To top it off, a nice jean jacket will work beautifully with colored jeans. If you opt for the tried and true blue jean, however, a leather jacket or pea coat will work just as well. For this day only, I suppose we can spare the fellas that denim-on-denim, Canadian tuxedo look I adore. 

SOTH_VDayDate_Bowling_Icecream20130212-129So, Happy Valentine’s Day to the Lovers and The Lonely. Lovers, enjoy yourself some sexy time. Lonely, see y’all at the bars. Buy me a whiskey shot.


*Big HUGE Giant thanks to Jaybowl and Sylas & Maddy’s* <—— go there

-Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Models: Jessica Leeker and Josh Munsch