Trevor Noah Offered Fun Food For Thought at the Lied Center


By Sydney Sheldon

While a small segment of the audience at Trevor Noah’s Lied Center show on Sept. 22 might not have known what they were walking into, for the most part, Noah gave a performance that was an ease for the audience of just under 2,000 to connect with while also providing a new way to understand some of the difficult social issues in the U.S. today.

Noah started his set by talking about his day in Lawrence and what he had learned about the University of Kansas. He spoke of the hilarity of four barber shops in a row but not one of them cutting black hair. Noah said he likes to do a little research about each place he visits, and upon researching Lawrence and KU he discovered that the university had a major role in the invention of basketball.

“Imagine trying to invent a sport,” Noah said. “Having to come up with all the rules and deciding what kind of equipment to use.” He spoke about his first time at a basketball game where he didn’t realize how many times in one game a team could score.

“They made their first basket and I was like ‘GOAAALLLLLLLLL’ little did I know, five seconds later there would be another, and another, and another. It is exhausting being a basketball fan.”

While talking about sports Noah seamlessly wove the topic of kneeling during the national anthem into the set. “If you’re going to kneel at any event [the anti-kneelers] would prefer you do it at an unpopular sport like rowing.”

This moved the set on to the inevitable Trump jokes and commentary. Noah spoke about his conflicting feelings towards the president, because on the one hand, he wakes up every day and is scared for his life, but on the other, he knows that Trump will somehow make him laugh at least once a day.

Noah left the audience with his observation that white people love boats, the idea of patriarchy as a hotline a man can call upon any time he feels, and the advice from his mother that when you experience racism all you have to do is “shake it up with the love of Jesus and throw it back at them.”