Tomboy Tuesday 12


While interning with this past summer, I became beyond infatuated with Isabel Marant’s ‘Renell’ jeans. One day in particular, I, no joke, scoured over street-style pics for eight straight-hours. DAMN.

In that time I had seen everyone from goddess-model Joan Smalls to regular-human adopted by Lionel Richie: Nicole Richie donning them. I was finally fed up.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the popular pant, here it is in all it’s glory:STREETFSN

  I needed them, or something similar (and slightly less pricey) to fill the $660 hole left in my heart. I hunted for weeks via the interweb and then one magical day….

Qn9cXH-nSZOdeVDVuisD8UoqjBaCKlV-z3rfIK44fNcWell, helllllllllooo Urban Outfitters. 

Although UO’s version isn’t  nearly as baller as the real thing, this copycat pair has curbed my cravings for the meantime. These slacks revamp the standard go-to jean with an intricate Aztec design on the sides. They’re edgy enough for the edgy gals, yet safe enough for the scaredy cats. They are perfection. 

But I digress, the ultimate Tomboy touch of this entire look in undoubtedly the “JUST DO IT” Nike shirt which perfectly supplements the poor man’s ‘Renell’ pant.

nRr48VUMC1C-SiY39Xj9KqVaQ6KN1uvtolQLFV0oeBE To wear this shirt in a scenario that doesn’t involve tennis shoes or a treadmill one must layer layer layer. To offset the simplicity of the tee, add a plaid, striped, or really any patterned long-sleeve shirt underneath. The more compatible patterned layers  (all within the same color scheme, of course) the better.

And there you have it. Another day, another dollar.

Stay trill.

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore