Tomboy Tuesday 11


Once again homies, I apologize for doing my spring break thang and slacking on last weeks TomTues. To be quite honest, of late, I have become tired with TT and fear that it inaccurately portrays me as self-absorbed. This is not me. I am a goober. A goober who can occasionally put an outfit together. Having said that…


 The Manrepeller once tweeted: “Socks: only chic when worn ironically.” I agree.

The best way to wear socks with heels is to choose socks that are mid calf (no higher). These socks should hold a certain sense of femininity. Just like my California bear ones.


Lolz. These are actually made for dudes.


If you attempt to wear socks with the heels don’t you dare half ass it. You must be confident and you must be cold.

The main ticket item, however, is my Budweiser sweater.8gDCpfWfA0f6uBnzUNrtRwkAVadE26SgNsMG3phnWgE

But what is there to say about it? It’s just da illest.

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore