Tomboy Tuesday 10


YUP. If you couldn’t smell it from a mile away, it’s tube sock week.

Nope- this isn’t my way of subtly telling you via the interweb that I have athlete’s foot. My feet smell of daffodils and freedom. Rather, I am using this expression to reaffirm what many of y’all may already be thinking: the tube sock* is an obvious choice when it comes to girly, tomboy apparel.IMG_1905

Typically le tube soc is most commonly seen with high-tops and pigtails, worn to emphasize how cute we are while playing a old-timey sport. Here, however, we are mixing them with patterns, wearing them with boots…Oh, and getting our gameday wear on in a serious way.IMG_1900For four years we’ve loyally rocked the best colors in the goddamn free world: red and blue. We’ve supported our Jayhawks with gameday dresses in the Fall and tees in the Winter. But every now and again a gal could use a fancy game day outfit. Not to say that this is dressy by any means (oh, this ol’ thang) but more that it requires more effort than slappin’ on an old Joe College (R.I.P.) shirt and jeans.


So here are some brief gameday outfit ideas:

Anything in the realm of crimson and blue will do. Literally.

Red jeans, oh so obviously.
  • Got stripes on stripes on stripes? Pair some red stripes with some blue stripes and let yo hair down, gurl.
  • Layer up on color: Want to wear a reed tank top that isn’t quite weather appropriate? Add a blue shirt under it first. Then throw a denim vest over both and voilà. You successfully fulfilled your Jayhawk duties and you look like a G.

IMG_1892This week was brief. But let’s focus on what is really important. Finding a job for after I graduate in May. Spring Break in four days. Selection Sunday in six. Let’s do this.

Rock Chalk.

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore

*While getting my Google on, I also found that it is named this because the sock lacks a shaped heel. Like a tube. Get it.