Tomboy Tuesday 09


YOU GUYZ. I am so incredibly sorry for letting last week’s Tuesday come and go without a post. The blizzard/ KU Snow Day shenanigans prevented me from doing anything constructive and I felt like an awful human/blogger for it.

But you know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. (So why didn’t I miss having class then? Weird…) Anyway…

If you haven’t already heard via AOL Instant Messenger*, I am here to tell you that the ‘90s are back. But, then again, just like Topanga and Cory’s love, did they ever really leave?IMG_1844IMG_1843

; -)   :-*  BRB : – ) nmu? :-b LOL B)  <3333

Sure, grunge circa Kate Moss seems to be having a moment as of late but I’m talking hardcore. Hanson’s Mmmbop, platform shoes, Girl Power, Tamagotchi, one strappin’ it Jansport backpack style, SmarterChild and, as seen here, some plaid shirt tied around your waist action.IMG_1836 It’s true, I love me some plaid, yet there is unequivocally no tomboy item sexier than the baseball tee. While you can easily find more feminine, modern versions of this American classic, I decided to kick it old school with the white and red color combo. Oh, and a casual Smurfs family portrait on the front.

IMG_1875              (I even had a small leather backpack to add to this look but thought it was just a tad too much)

In true ‘90s kids fashion, denim, floral, and plaid absolutely have a right to be worn together and this is how:

First Step: Add a colored lace tight under some jean shorts.
Second Step: Grab a baseball tee. Tuck it on in. Pretty much every color combo looks good. But mostly try to stick to two neutrals. Or a neutral and a color.
Step Tres: Add zee plaid. And tie that badboy tightly around your waist. Gotta let the baseball tee show.
Last step: Accessorize. Add a red lip, add some chains. And finally, the shoes.

IMG_1850      I urge you to use extreme caution when adding a heel, platform or a wedge to a look that involves jorts. One false step and you’ve shifted from on-trend to…well, how do I put this nicely? Errr…Jessica Simpson. Absolutely no cork. No espadrilles. No patent leather. And for the love of God, no mid or above calf boot. Neva eva eva eva evaaaa.

Kk g2g.

 Away Message: sk00l lyke rly sux. BRB

 <333 my girls S.H. D.T. A.C. 4eva

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore

*Remember when your parents taking away your AIM was like a huge horrible punishment. LOL. That is all.