Tomboy Tuesday 06


Two days have passed and I still cringe whenever I am confronted by the Super Bowl footage that ESPN seems to be playing on a continuous loop just to torment me. My beloved 49ers couldn’t pull out the big dub-ya. I’ve faced it. That is until someone brings it up and then I am back to being Ray Lewis gonna-stab-some-people-while-wearing-a-white-suit-pissed.

However, today in class my Ravens-loving professor made a few excellent Super Bowl observations and surprisingly I did not Hulk out of my shirt:

1. Ray Lewis probably isn’t the only NFL player who has murdered someone

2. The Ravens have peaked and will probably never be as good as they were this year[1]

Her first point made me el oh el but the latter of the two got me thinking. And once those wheels start-a-turnin’… (please pardon my not-so-seamless segue)


When it comes to style in your everyday life, you should never feel like you’ve peaked. Instead, imagine that you are on a constant uphill journey of self improvement. I don’t mean uphill in a frustrating resistant Stair Master way, but rather in an exciting anticipatory roller coaster build-up.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s effort alright. Even after you’ve put in all that time crafting a perfect go-to outfit- that’s when the real work starts. Don’t don’t don’t get complacent. You’ve put an awesome outfit together once, so that should give you the confidence to keep trying new and different (yeah, you’re different) looks.


I mean, if I could I would wear my green leather jacket, black jeans and boots all day, everyday like I’m Doug Funny or Cartman, Done. Never would I need anything else. But you see, party people, that is simply not what it is all the about. The hokey pokey is. In all seriousness though:

So for this week’s installment of Tomboy Tuesday, I present: The 5+ year-old Donovan McNab Philadelphia Eagles jersey[2].


And now, some tips on how to create an outfit incorporating your favorite jersey without looking like a lesbian:

Get girly– You can do this in a few ways. I choose a plethora of tactics: hot pink lipstick (NARS Schiap, holla), polarized pink shades and a denim skirt with a ruffle. In general, any colorful lipstick or feminine-shaped sunglasses will do the trick. The addition of a fun skirt is also an important factor but I certainly wouldn’t mind some colored jeans. Any color besides white, washed out grey or regular blue jeans will work.


Avoid jewelry– The only exception to this rule is if you have a large statement piece (earrings or necklace) that is so intentionally bold that it is actually awesome. Any other jewelry looks trashy. Trust me. Letting your lipstick be the accessory is the right move.

Add Structure- What this motorcycle cut jacket does is defines the look. In order to make this jersey work, your outfit must be structured. Just throwing a jersey over leggings ain’t gonna cut it.

Sure there are some outfits that can do no wrong but that shit is too safe! If you never break out, ya never know…so go out and experiment!

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke

[1] The Ravens have certainly peaked. They will never be as good as they were this year. Maybe, not never, but at least not for a long time. And, they still live in Baltimore so…..

Also- The Wire is the tits. The best thing to ever come out of Baltimore, so I suggest you check that out. Start it properly at Season 1!

[2] You KC Chiefs fans should appreciate this because the Chiefs and the Eagles are basically in-laws now. First KC got McNab. Now, Andy Reid. Blood Brothas.