Tomboy Tuesday 05


You might be thinking, “Wow, when were these pictures taken? Summer?’ Nope. It was just yesterday, my friends. Indeed, it is raining today (probably snowing tonight) and frankly I find Kansas weather to be an unpredictable son of a bitch. One day shorts, the next day, well, still shorts…just with some tights.

While not at all appropriate for today’s forecast, (I would not even suggest throwing tights under this sucker…waaay too much) this romper is boastfully straight out of the 1980s and awesome as anything.*thrift store buy *

gOXVQUj4gb3au0OJTrkxvB_HVcMSgvqvCP2NnYsa0mEFrom the pale blue “I’ve been working on the railroad” stripes, to the length of the shorts and my personal favorite feature: shoulder pads, this item is eighties through and through.  While I typically enjoy wearing this with a pair of pumps (which helps justify the long hemmed shorts), for this week’s post I added some white Converse. I mean this is Tomboy Tuesday after all.

Honestly, I would chalk nearly any romper up to being  “tomboy” because if you think about it rompers are like dresses more athletic and wearable fraternal twin sister. As for accessorizing, yes that is a ring pop.As for accessorizing, yes that is a ring pop.

ypSWNnWcRt3CJMcg1vo2drN7L51tgvBwE1i5I2nTcz4 One is never too old for a Ring Pop. In addition, I added my black Ray-Ban wayfarers (with yellow details)  and a highlighter yellow purse.zbRZt5hO90P0lP5PcrBb5gYoehHgz0JNJpTvw9R-a80

This purse’s silhouette is so simple, that despite the bright color, adding it atop any outfit is still not particularly difficult. Especially with a blue or neutral colored palette. However, one should avoid wearing it with anything largely red or green, It can be way too distracting.*

FZ7UD7htSLyfgUDmWm7hFqxNezF2IzmO5xVD7fUH9OoFinally, my newest most favorite piece of jewelry are my initial earrings. They are subtle but creative. (please forgive my meaty red earlobe)

pSZpbnwaiCdoNriLc4pmw15yLec09-tvRKWHJJNCTpII’m sure you all have seen Kim Kardashian (ah, I cringe as I mention her fame-whoring name in a fashion blog) rocking the K and W for her baby daddy Kanye West, but sporting your own initials is waay more baller.

*I want to give a really big unsolicited shout out to Kate Spade (did you know she went to KU her freshman year!!?!!) though because of lately all of their purses have been really killin’ it in my eyes. I walk into their store and instantly want everything. She is a tamer Betsey Johnson and I love it.

See y’all next week!

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke