Tomboy Tuesday 03


This week is a little two-for-one action. BOGO, if you will. Featuring: my sk8-hi Vans and Giants Snapback.

Every time I wear this hat I am faced with the daunting task of donning it in a way that doesn’t look as though I just drunkenly stole it off some random dude’s head. Ya see, that’s the secret to rocking badass boy clothing: it must always look intentional. Premeditated, pawtner.


Often while sporting the Flatbill people understandably ask me if I’m joking and I act like i’m dead serious with a blanket response,

“I NEVER JOKE ABOUT FASHION.” Or something to that effect.

(That statement in and of itself is a joke. I’m pretty sure my friends would smack me in the mouth if I ever said that with a straight face.) But in all seriousness, we should encourage Snapbacks for all genders, races, and religions. Snapback equality for all.

SOTH_Tomboy-18While I’m still working out the kinks of how to wear this cap, a solid option is the casual blue jeans and white tee combo. Fitted hat, fitted jeans, fitted tee. FITTED.

Feelin’ adventurous? Try topping off a monochromatic color palette (in this case blues) with it’s complimentary color: orange hat, blue toned outfit. (Quick art lesson: blue and orange are complimentary colors, red + green, yellow + purple) You can do this. You can wear a men’s Flatbill all while being sporty, androgynous, and hot. You just have to have the patience to keep trying your chapeau with different clothing options. I just know this Snapback can work with a loose floral dress and combat boots. It. Must.SOTH_Tomboy-37SOTH_Tomboy-38

*One last tip: Never tuck your hair behind your ears when wearing a baseball hat. Backstory: I was Tim Lincecum for Halloween this past year and when tucking my hair  behind my ears it looked TOO real. So make sure to keep your hair in front of your ears. Think of the hat as a headband- keeping yo mop off yo face

Now onto my Vans, Brah.SOTH_Tomboy-45

I love my high top Vans more than I could ever love any high heel. These sneaks are unbelievably easy to wear with sundresses, jorts, cigarette-cut jeans, a beerbong.

Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but they also have an attitude (when worn correctly) that subtly states, “I have premeditated swag and can also bro-the-fuck-out.” GREAT DAY DRINKING SHOES.FIVE STARS.

L8er G8ers.

-Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Hair and Makeup by Alexandra Chiado