Tomboy Tuesday 02


Preface: This post is in honor of Oregon kicking K-State’s, EMAW: Every Man A Weirdo, booty in the Fiesta Bowl this past Thursday. 

I actually feel really bad regarding the events that lead to me becoming the proud owner of an Adidas University of Oregon track jacket. So perhaps this post can be a way to, err, sort of repent.

Cliff Notes version: I was in a club six years ago (quit doing the math in your head), I was shivering because I had just been caught in a rainstorm outside. Noticing this, the DJ put his jacket (this jacket) onto my shoulders. I took one look at it, decided I needed it, and bolted. I have never ever looked back…until now…

SOTH_Tomboy-84Dear Mr. Disc Jockey,

          I am sincerely sorry. Stealing is wrong. Especially from people who have good taste in music. But believe me, I have loved this jacket with every ounce of my being since that rainy New York City night and I have since become a much better, more moral and mature individual.

Pheewww. With that off my chest I can now proceed to tell you how to sport this Adidas jacket like a true champ.

SOTH_Tomboy-51If you can’t tell by looking at it, this Oregon track jacket is the best hungover jacket of all time. However, while it can be effortlessly paired with Nike Tempo shorts (any color will do) and an XL tee, styling it into a real human outfit proves to be a little more challenging. But I love a good challenge.

SOTH_Tomboy-62To dress this up I would suggest doing either one of two things: 1. Don the jacket over an all black outfit (black jeans or leggings, black shirt). Or secondly, as I did, sport it overtop a full denim look. Canadian tuxedo, yessir.

SOTH_Tomboy-69Sure, you could conceivably do a colored jean and a solid tee, but I must warn you: because of the shapelessness of the jacket, this can get sloppy looking reeeaaal fast. And as for color, once again, be careful. The kelly green and sunflower yellow tend to be bold enough on their own. Hence, my call for the neutral bottom layers. Finally, when adding shoes, if you aren’t ready to fully commit with some high top Chuck Taylors, a good ballet flat or combat boot will work just as well.


Hope this was helpful. If not, I only just openly admitted to breaking the law for you people. But it’s cool- it’s past the statute of limitation. I’ve watched Law and Order: SVU. I KNOW MY RIGHTS.

Until next time.

-Sabrina Liedtke

Epilogue: I just looked online and found this “rare” jacket on eBay for $50 so I don’t feel too too bad about it. Go eBay! Woo!

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Hair and Makeup by Alexandra Chiado