This Isn’t Your Best Friend Zack’s Bar Mitzvah…


This a full-fledged DJ battle, my friends.

Tomorrow night, Red Bull Presents: Thre3Style University. A DJing competition that takes five of KU’s best DJs puts ’em head to head to head to head to head:

 DJ Savy vs. DJ Ray-Ban vs. DJ Feast vs. Tom Richman vs. DJ Kimbarely Legal 


Style on the Hill got an exclusive with DJ Savy and DJ Kimbarely Legal and from these pictures you can tell they’re going to kill it.SAVY_01KIMBARELYLEGAL_01

  Each DJ will preform a set of 15 minutes in which they must incorporate at least three different genres.SOTH_DJ_Savy20130130-68SOTH_DJ_BarelyLegal20130130-107

To determine the winner factors such as originality, skill, audience response, track selection as well as stage presents will all be considered.SOTH_DJ_Savy20130130-51SOTH_DJ_BarelyLegal20130130-89

So get your ass to the Granada tomorrow, then get ready to dance it off.

18 to enter 21 to Drink. Doors open at 9:30pm and tickets are $5


DJ G-Train opening the night
DJ B-Stee closing out the night