The $20 Challenge


by Audrey Danser

I love thrifting; call it my version of a sport. The thrill of the hunt takes me back time and time again—sometimes I find a gem, other times I leave the shop empty handed. Of course, I often find myself among a sea of shoulder pads and nylon fabrics, but hidden between grandma’s silk tunic and grandpa’s old-fashioned knit tie is potential. Potential to create a style that no one else can mimic!

I attribute some of my most unique looks to my second-hand finds. It is easy to rationalize experimentation when you have a seeming endless supply of creative potential to pick from and the price tag is less than a cup of coffee. With $20, let me show you how it is done.

Look: Natural Monochrome

audrey full

arm edit


audrey top

Tunic: Salvation Army, $2.99

Skirt: Salvation Army, $2.99

Boots: Goodwill, $9.99

Jewelry: garage sale, $3.00

Total: $18.97

There you have it. A quick, easy look that doesn’t break the bank. Think you’re up to the $20 challenge? Show us your look on social media (tag @styleonthehill).