Style Without The Shivers


By Audrey Danser

In any given season, our fashion choices are largely decided by the weather forecast. Unfortunately, when the temperature hovers in the mid-20s, a warm coat is unavoidable, and rather, a necessity for survival. But, by this time of winter, no matter how appreciative I am of my camel-colored, fur-hooded savior, wearing it day after day becomes suuuuuch a draaaag.

I don’t know about you, but I sure need a winter pick-me-up in the styling department. So, here’s a few ways we styled ourselves for the long winter ahead.

The Perfect Combo


Shirt, Sweater, Coat—you’re good to go! There’s something magical about the sartorial combination of layering a button-down, perfect-fitted sweater, and winter jacket. One never gets cold (or too hot) and always looks put together. The combo is comfy casual, yet simultaneously dressy. We styled this look using a subtle pattern in a sheer button-down, texture and color movement in the sweater, and topped the look off with a glamorously rugged coat.


Layer Two Jackets


Sometimes it is just so cold that one coat doesn’t do the job. Layering two jackets is an option which allows for a lot of flexibility: two lighter-weight jackets can equal one heavy-weight, or you can unzip your winter coat to display your outfit underneath without sacrificing warmth. With either option, keep the patterns and textures contrasting. In this look, we styled with different patterns (neutral vs. plaid), contrasting color (dark vs. light), and paired the hip-length wool blazer with a longer over-coat.


Pile On Those Knits


Substitute your outdoor wear for multiple sweaters. Finally! Liberation from the coat that has seemed like a fashion burden these past two months! However, knits can be tricky. Keep in mind that it’s all about the proportions and balancing—balancing both weight and hue. Layering some snug fits with oversized knits helps to hold your shape and creates visual interest in your outfit. As for color, keep with the same color family to avoid emulating grandma’s yarn basket.

On our model, we layered a more form-fitting knit on the bottom for a tighter thermal barrier to the elements—that pesky wind sure knows how to penetrate. This garment can be a part of your original outfit, or a sweater you choose to layer on as an afterthought for your walk to class. Regardless, you’ll have built-in flexibility for unpredictable indoor conditions. Next, layer on top a warm, oversized boyfriend sweater which you can hug close to your body. Awe, cozy teamwork!  

Side Note: When wearing a dress, as our model is in this particular look, tights alone can sometimes be too thin a barrier, but that’s no reason to stick to pants. Embrace socks and thigh highs over your tights, letting them peek above your boots.


Two is Better Than One


Scarves are the ultimate winter-weather accessory, so why not try two at once! Layering multiples allows for extra warmth, while simultaneously creating visual interest, as you integrate surprising pops of color and pattern into your outfit. For added dimension, try scarves of the same color palate in different textures and textiles. Here we styled our models using a neutral knit scarf as our base and then interwove a lighter denier cotton piece, but you be the creative genius!


Photography by Hannah Pierangelo
Modeled by Holly Kulm and Audrey Danser
Styling by Holly Kulm and Audrey Danser