Steppin’ Up Your Shoe Game


Not everyone’s into sneakers. I get it. You want to buy one pair of shoes – a pair you can wear everywhere – and call it quits. Who doesn’t want that kind of simplicity in their life? But simplicity doesn’t have to be boring.

Too many times I see grown ass young men rocking some of the ugliest shoes on the planet – the kind of shoes that will ensure you remain a virgin for the foreseeable future. Do you want to stay a virgin? Then try mixing it up for a change.

Try injecting some color down there.

 Colorful sneakers may put-off some people because they drag up this anxious feeling that you have to match them to your outfit. But sometimes you just gotta rock it. Vibrant sneaks are fresh to death.

Not a big sneakerhead? No worries; I got you covered. Get some casual loafin’ shoes, like boat shoes, which have been a prepster go-to for decades, and guess what? You don’t have to own a boat OR be in a fraternity to buy them. Seriously, they will sell shoes to anyone. Check out the Sperry or Sebago brands (they all look the same anyway).

Boat shoes not your thing? Then what is, my man? Penny loafers, boots, bucks, oxfords and plimsolls.

You name it, they got it. All I’m saying is, let’s try, just a little.

You’re young for God’s sake, so live it up. When I see a guy walk by in a trodden down pair of tennis shoes, I flash forward to a vision of dad jeans and ill-fitting golf polos, and I die a little inside.

Nick Longsfeld
Photography by Max Mikulecky
Models: The band, Sovereign States