Staying Warm While Being Cool


It’s gettin’ reeaal cold out there. You need to bundle that ass up!

Here’s how:

Start with badass outfit. (You probably want to add a jacket…unless you have what I like to call your “alcohol blanket” on and can successfully brave the cold in short spurts from one bar to the next)

The more pieces you add the trickier it gets, but a hat and scarf are pretty fucking necessary.

First add a hat:

 This particular one was a gift from my sister. While I love this hat for it’s avant garde approach of the tried and true beanie, I may have referred to it once or twice as something a homeless person would wear on their wedding day.

*I should mention she did not appreciate this remark and I will say the hat is really growing on me.

 With a solid colored hat feel free to funk it up with a pattern. Well helllo, leopard.

What I love about these two pieces together is the textures. The wool with the tweed, plus the chambray shirt is just pure magic. As long as the color palette is similar feel free combine various textures to great effect.

 This is my favorite hat- black & white with a giant bow. If you’re feeling extra girlie add some animal print. If not, a neutral circle scarf (double wrapped) will do the trick.

For all my classic girls out there: you cannot go wrong with a blue-based palette or a plaid scarf.

Plaid scarves can do no wrong.

While ultimately acknowledging that no one can look better than Blake from “Workaholics” in a bear ensemble, you have to admit she looks unbeeeaaarably cute. (pun most definitely intended)

These two items share as many similarities as differences and that is exactly why it works. They both have the same woven pattern and similar color patterns yet it still seems effortless, not overdone.

Once again we are matching without being matchy-matchy. The varying styles of the class pom-pom hat mixed with the colorful fringed scarf absolutely works.

Last but not least: beanie&fringe. Holler if ya hear me!

That’s all folks. Stay warm.

Sabrina Liedtke 

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Model: Alex Chiado