Staff Style: Maddie


We’re happy to introduce our staff and style with you each week. Today, meet our Social Media Director Maddie.



Senior Maddie Farber says style has always been a large part of her life. From Oklahoma City, to Lawrence, and now to New York City, her casual, artsy and occasionally rocker wardrobe makes her stand out in any city. The Style on the Hill Social Media Director and Staff Writer talks style in Brooklyn, NY.

What’s the most creative outfit you’ve come up with?

I’m not sure I have a most creative, but back in May I wore distressed,  high waisted, urban renewal “mom jeans” from Urban Outfitters.  Along with that,  I wore a delicately laced white collared crop-top and Steve Madden floral strappy heels. It was the most creative outfit I’ve had this spring.

Most versatile piece of clothing you have. What makes it so great?

My black leather BCBG  jacket. It’s hooded, so it’s a bit more casual. However, the tooling and stitching on it are impeccable and make it easy to dress it up a bit. Come October, I probably wear it three times a week.

That one outfit you’ll always remember.

This could be answered with either a tragedy of an outfit or an all time best…. for entertainment purposes I’ll go with my worst. 10th grade homecoming dance. My dress was multi-colored from Forever 21 and my heels were not tall enough. Looking at pictures from that night make me want to cry!

Most cringe-worthy fashion trend (according to today’s fashion standards) that you followed?

I would have to say back around 2008 when Sperry’s Topsiders became popular for girls to wear. I can’t believe I actually owned a pair…on girls, I think they need to go!

Unique personal project?

Finding more ways outside of SOTH to incorporate my love for fashion with my love for journalism.

First childhood memory of fashion?

Definitely when I was about 3 and would wear my dad’s collared work shirts around the house. I like to think that gave me the inspiration to take men’s flannels later on and incorporate them into my wardrobe. Even now when my dad is missing his, he calls me to see if I have it first!

What’s the biggest misconception people have about fashion/style?

That following a fashion trend is too “mainstream.” I think you can put a personal touch to any fashion trend and call it your own unique idea. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with looking to the runway or other large fashion corporations for ideas!

What is your signature style? / What is your ‘go-to’ look?

I love black or dark blue skinny jeans with Converse or booties. Come fall, I usually pair that with my leather jacket and a tailored flannel underneath.

The trendiest spot to be seen in Lawrence?

Lawrence has so many trendy spots. However, I would definitely have to say Henry’s Coffee Shop, off of 8th and Mass. During the day, the coffee is incredible and the coffee shop itself is a great place to study or get some work done. At night, the bar upstairs, with its small round tables and open space, creates a great nightlife scene to chat with friends and have a beer.

What trend are you obsessed with right now?

I am obsessed with the boho look right now. I’m currently trying to incorporate that more into my everyday style by getting more Free People items here and there.

Why is fashion important?

As much as people hate to admit it, so much of an impression is your appearance. If you can keep up with style trends, but put your own personal flair to it, I think fashion can be used to help you stand out. I know well dressed people always catch my eye!