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Get to know our new staff this summer! We’re excited to share our fashion stories and style favorites with you each week. Today, meet Audrey. Staff Style (Audrey)When it comes to style, senior Audrey Danser is hard not to spot in the halls of the engineering complex—her unique, yet classic style sets her out from the crowd. The Style on the Hill Content Editor talks fashion atop the Standard Hotel in New York City.

You’re living in New York for the summer—how did you prepare for such a fashion conscious city?

I arrived in New York with only a carry on suitcase. During my time abroad, I learned a lot about strategic packing (see January’s article Life From a Suitcase), and I realized how little we actually need to still be able to create fashion-forward outfits. Everything I packed was carefully planned to complement each other, transform from day to night, be dressed up or dressed down, etc. I think my most creative outfits have come from when I have the least amount of clothing options. It’s just too easy when you have a wardrobe full of options available at your fingertips to have to think very hard about making an outfit special.

Why is fashion important to you?

I view fashion as an art form—creating a look involves much creativity when pairing unique colors, patterns, and textures much like any other media of art. But it also involves a lot of problem solving. Unlike a painting, an outfit is temporary. The challenge is to deconstruct one look to create a whole new look out of the same pieces.  

By stereotype, an engineer is unfashionable…

Yes, I often get asked by my engineering peers if I had/have an interview that day. I usually laugh and respond “no, it’s just a Tuesday.” It takes the same amount of time for me to slip into a dress and flats as it does to throw on jeans and a t-shirt. Of course there are some days when going casual would be nice, but I always resist—there’s something about a great outfit that gives me confidence and drive.

What’s the most creative look you’ve come up with?

I recently paired a grey one-piece swim suit  with black ankle-length trousers, a tweed cropped blazer, and a turquoise stone necklace. It doesn’t sound very interesting when I describe it, but it was fabulous!

What’s the biggest misconception people have about fashion?

That you have to have deep pockets. 95% of my wardrobe has come from thrift stores. The other 5% is spent on high-quality investment pieces. Thrifting allows me to be experimental without spending too much money on a creative thought that may not be so successful. Some of the stuff you find at a second-hand stores is just so out-there, and that’s something you can’t find at H+M or Zara.

What was your first childhood memory of fashion?

Every summer after the end of the year dance recital, I would cut up my old dance costumes and reconfigure them. I learned how to use a sewing machine and from there, I branched out and started making some of my own clothing. It’s always fun look back on the sketches and designs I created for a good laugh!

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