John Maus

John Maus’ 2017 album Screen Memories left fans wanting more and Addendum is the answer to that request. While the tracks are more out there, we still get Maus’ obscure lyrics sung by his signature baritone vocals paired with catchy bass lines and percussion. -Karsan Turner


Black Panther The Album

Kendrick Lamar, Various Artists

A daring and diverse sound to accompany an equally groundbreaking film. Its hardcore. It’s a banger. It’s still going strong now since coming out in February. -Georgia Hickam


Chris Price

Dalmatian contains excellently written material that balances 10cc’s oftentimes tongue-in-cheek pop with refined, intimate pop ballads. “Breakfast Cruise,” “The Dream Is Over (But We’re Just Waking Up),” and “Discount Love” illustrate Price’s improved instrumental creativity since the release of Stop Talking. Price continues to exhibit a tremendous talent for composing and constructing memorable pop. -Logan Gossett


Everything is Love

The Carters

Beyoncé and Jay-Z really make you think while also focusing on their ever so clear message that yes, they are still married, and stronger than ever. In this well rounded album the duo takes over the colonial world—the Louvre is their palace, the Mona Lisa their bitch—and they prove that their legacy will remain for generations. Never have I felt so empowered and humbled before listening to this album. -Emma Creighton


Let’s Go Wild!

Kurt Baker Combo

Riffy as heaven and hell, Let’s Go Wild! features an even garage-yer sound than In Orbit and more consistency as well. The guitars here implode with energy on each track, with the exception of “Yesterday Today” — a surprisingly pretty pastiche of the less guitar-laden power pop. -Logan Gossett


Now Only

Mount Eerie

On this follow-up to the devastating and deeply personal A Crow Looked At Me, Phil Elverum reveals more about how he is processing the death of his wife, taking a wider lens and looking back on their life together and his future without her. I’ve only listened to each of these albums once because of how emotional and impactful they are, but I can’t recommend them enough. -Justin Hermstedt



Aminé keeps it casual and breezy on this mini album/mixtape/whatever you want to call it. His charisma shines through as he completes this victory lap reflecting on his breakout year. From roasting Fashion Nova to shouting out Bjork, he shows us why he’s “the best in the groupchat.” -Justin Hermstedt



J Balvin

This album was a testament to the true American melting pot identity. J Balvin’s Spanish lyrics set to reggaeton beats are so recognizable that when “Mi Gente” comes on even the white kids in Lawrence can say, “Oh yeah I’ve heard this.” -Emma Creighton



The Voidz

The best Strokes related music released since Julian Casablancas’ 2014 album Tyranny. This time, Virtue brings a variety of pop, punk, synth-heavy and relaxing tracks making it a great album for any mood you’re in (especially if you’re a fan of the Strokes). -Karsan Turner