SOTH x The Granada: XXYYXX


What were you doing at 18? Not making fucking music, I’m sure.

With haunting vocals, XXYYXX’s music has a heavy beat that’s not too aggressive. It’s slow tempo and alluring, deep sound washes over the listener, bringing them into a reality that is more felt then seen. On Nov. 3 Lawrence listeners can fall into the music.

Marcel Everett, 18, creates a slow, sexy sound that most would accredit to a much older and experienced performer. Everett, better known as XXYYXX, is an electronic, lo-fi, chillwave musician and producer from Orlando, Florida.

Everett has been making music for years. Most kids his age have barely graduated high school, but he has released three albums before his eighteenth birthday. As others his age tour colleges, he tours the United States playing music for the masses. Though, he is still learning.

“I’m trying to learn and get better, so it’s really annoying when I make a song someone doesn’t like and they go, ‘Oh, it’s definitely a miss on his part,’” Everett said in an interview with Nosiey. “It’s like, fuck you, I didn’t make this song for you, I made it ‘cos I want to make music. I’m still just learning, y’know?”

The young musician is currently touring with Shlohom 23, a L.A. native who also gives off an abstract hip-hop, unearthly vibe. It’s a ‘I wish I was on drugs’ type of sound.

Their fourth stop on tour brings them to The Granada Theater here in Lawrence this weekend.

 Buy your tickets to Shlohom & XXYYXX for the Granada November 3 here. 



– Erica Stabb 

Graphic by Brenna Paxton

Edited and posted by Emily Paulson

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