SOTH x The Granada: The Neighbourhood



Lately modern alternative/indie rock lacks a darkside. Gothic acts that would take you on a journey to a bleak fantasyland have disappeared. The Neighbbourhood, a California act, might be bringing the black and white romance of the gothic scenes back with a Southern California twist. What sparks interest of the band is their dynamic, gloomy yet warm and inviting tone. Their latest album cover, I Love You, appears to be a blue sky grey scaled with three random symbols. This simple color and art design fits these California rockers image. The grey scaled sky is a dark take on the familiar sunny skies of there SoCal home. The symbols are both inviting with the heart and transposed house but the illuminate symbol on the left creates a frighetening tone. This is just an introduction to the artistic vision that The Neighbourhood presents.

The band really works in contrast using a black and white theme to there art. “It keeps things simple,” the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, said in an interview with Virgin Mobile. NBHD’s image surrounds simplicity and contrast. They go as far to even tell concertgoers for a recent show in Los Angeles to show up in black and white attire. The band also kept the black and white theme going as they would tell photographers of both The Rolling Stone and Coachella photographers to only shoot simple action shots and keep them in black and white. The black and white paired with bright imagry of the Southern California landscape creates a chilling, intimate image that are reflected in their music and shows. Come out this Wednesday and feel the black and white vibes at the Granada.

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– Patrick Mcfarland


Graphic by Brenna Paxton