My 5 ridiculous- yet absolutely necessary- MUST HAVES


Hey hey party people, I’m Sabrina and for my first official piece I’ll be breaking down five staple items you, as a style conscious individual, should have in your closet and how to effectively implement them into various outfits.


Don’t get me wrong, black is my shit. It’s everyone’s shit. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s so flattering and such an easy go-to. However, when it comes to outerwear there is something to be said for a colorful winter jacket. It’s eye catching and, what’s more, it spices up your outfit in a major mayyjahh way.

I would either recommend a bright color or a fun pattern: magenta, leopard print, red, camo, polka dot, yellow, striped, tartan, hounds-tooth. The options are endless so feel free to get cahrayzay!

 And while it’s palpable that your new statement coat will go with any solid color, patterns on patterns is absolutely where it is at.

 Leopard print and plaid?

 Yes fucking please.

Polka dot and leopard print?

 Now we’re talking.

 So I beg of you, tell your mom you want to spend some “quality time” with her, grab her hand and drag her to the closest mall. And if she truly loves you the way she says she does she will buy you one.
(Okay, that last part is highly sarcastic. But on the real, get a job or rob a 7/11 if need be.)

On the rare occasion that you are down to seriously splurge, this season’s J. Crew jackets make me blush. They are breathtaking.

However, if you’re anything like me and your finances barely allow for items outside the realm of food and alcohol, I would highly recommend Zara. Not only are their jackets tailored really well, they also have a unique modern-while-still-being-timeless quality. (my leopard one is from Zara)

With that said, I better not see you bitches out on Mass. Street trying to start a “Who Wore It Best” situation. Because I will come out on top.


I. LOVE. ME. SOME. FUCKING. TIGHTS. I can count on one hand the good things about winter and tights happen to fall somewhere in-between ‘kegs stay cold’ and ‘basketball’.

Tights add an unexpected element to any outfit, and similarly to layering, they can add rich detail and compliment whatever you choose to don over them.

My one qualm with tights is that they rip so goddamn easily. So you’re not about to see me buying any pair that costs more than $20, and neither should you.

If you’re in Lawrence I would suggest hitting up Urban Outfitters for a funky pair (that’s where I got these bad boys). Wanting a simple opaque black tight? You’re better off finding those at Target .

 *It should be noted that the snorkel is my go-to move.  60% of the time it works every time.


A wise man once said, “I want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” Yes, in fact, that was a Ludacris lyric but his pearls of wisdom have always stuck with me.

Ludacris taught me there is nothing wrong with leaving a little more to the imagination. A dress can be form fitting without revealing what you ate for dinner that night or how many beers you’ve had. So tuck that skintight American Apparel dress back into the drawer and opt instead for something a little less Kim K. and a little more Zooey D.

Because there is something to be said for a girl who can rock a feminine dress while cussing like a sailor or doing a beer bong, for example. (I have never done either of these, Dad/future employers)

Need one more reason? Class is always in style. BOOM.


Whether you’re a sorostitute (no offense, we all know I be one too) or a hipster (I also frequent the Bottleneck) jorts have a place in everyone’s life.

ESPECIALLY IN WINTER? What? You crazy, girl?


When paired with aforementioned tights the combination can be effortlessly magical.


If you haven’t already noticed, fringe booties are everywhere and for a great reason: they go with nearly everything. A feminine dress, the jorts and tights combo, colored jeans.

Their  neutral coloring allows for the trendy fringe detail without being too much.

Sam Edelman has a pair for close to $160.

But if you google “fringe booties” you can also find identical ones for under $50- like here.

These varying price points leave you with little excuse not to add a bit of swag to your step within any budget range.

So if I see you out in these I will head give you a homie head nod out of respect. Fringe booty bitches gotta stick together.

Sabrina Liedtke

Photography by Alexandra Julian Moore
Styled and Modeled by Sabrina Liedtke