Plaid: On Plaid



Yes, plaid is a fall staple and No, today I am not going to explain why it is because… it just is. 

Another beautiful thing I love is bending the rules or expanding on them, so let me expand on using plaid in your wardrobe a little…OR A LOT.


Powerclashing: is simply throwing on a bunch of prints and patterns and colors together so they are so overwhelming… somehow it just works.



How do you make it work? 

Instead of using a plaid that doesn’t have white as the main background color – it is loud and overwhelms the skirt.

For layering practicality, an extra flannel shirt will save your hide and it’s addition balances out the two plaids and no one’s fighting any more. Yay. A happy group of garmets! 

Things to remember: This outer flannel should be a little bigger and less fitted/ structured than the one that is tucked into the skirt. I suggest having both women’s and men’s shirt in your arsenal!

Best of luck!

-Alexandra Julian Moore