Halloween Jamz


We love Halloween here at Style on the Hill! We want to make sure you are being thoroughly entertained all day so here is a Spotify playlist to enhance the spookiness:

This Is Halloween: A Guide to Netflix Horror Movies


By Sydnie Germany

It is finally October 31 and that brings us lots of candy, pumpkin patches and lattes, and of course the amazing tradition of Halloween! There is definitely no better way to celebrate Halloween than with spooky horror movies and a big bucket of popcorn (or candy corn, depending on your personal cravings).

Ranging from your typical horror movie to straight up creepy, here is a list of eight scary movies to watch on Netflix to satisfy all your Halloween scare-fest needs. Enjoy!

  1. Would You Rather

2. Hush

3. 13 Cameras

4. Amityville Horror (2005)

5. The Dead Room


6. The Houses October Built

7. The Babadook

8. Creep

WTF Is Up?! – More Gilmore Girls, More That’s So Raven, and more…more!



By Darby VanHoutan

Okay so yeah, I got food poisoning and broke my phone, but now I’m 5 pounds lighter and have an iPhone 7! Let’s look on the bright side. Here’s WTF happened everywhere else this week.


Raven-Symoné released some big news this week. The actress and host is leaving “The View” before the end of the year. Oh wait, but there’s bigger news. She’s leaving the talk show in order to spend more time on the “That’s So Raven” spin off.

I know. Breathe in. Breathe out. Symoné will work as executive producer and actress (still portraying Raven Baxter). The show will feature Raven Baxter, older now as a single mother raising two children. One of the children discovers that they have visions. ~oh~. ~snap~. There’s no name or release date for the show yet, however it was Raven-Symoné herself that confirmed it on “The View”, calling the new show “That’s So Raven Two”. She’s working with both Disney and ABC and sounds like a very busy girl.

A Month Away from A Year of Gilmore Girls

Here’s a list of things to remember: November 27, Netflix, carry-out Chinese Food, the feels. Another vital thing is ~of course~ the return of Gilmore Girls. The show is picking up 10 years later with a four part event that will be released on Netflix on November 27. The series is titled “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

The Town of Stars Hollow website has been counting down via Countdown Clock last week with the following message:

What is this clock counting down to? We’re not sure! But we’ve seen such things around the world wide web and thought our site was equally deserving of some real state-of-the-art features. 

Please enjoy our brand new clock on the home page and join us when it hits zero to see what might happen. We have literally no clue how this works!

Well, surprise! The clock was counting down to a brand new trailer that debuted at 10 a.m. CST this past Tuesday. Spoiler alert: The trailer doesn’t disappoint and can be seen in full → here.

Bye Bye Vine

I personally spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through six-second-long videos on Vine in my younger years. I made truly hilarious videos in the halls of my high school that in all actuality, weren’t funny. It’s the thought that counts. However, in a press release issued on Thursday, the twitter-owned video sharing app announced some changes.

There will no longer be an actual Vine mobile application. They assured users that no content will be taken down and they will notify the public before any more changes. In the press release, they thank users and assure that more updates will be given via Twitter and their blog. In the meantime, please look off into the distance and have a moment of silence for all the Vines from 2013 to now that changed your life.

Not Everyone’s A Star, Mr. Trump

Ya know that exhausted, aggravated, petty feeling you get when watching anything involving the presidential election of 2016. Yes, the election is important and I am ecstatic to cast the ~frick~ out of my vote, but my brain just can’t handle it.

Well, someone was evidently feeling the same way this week. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently investigating the vandalism of Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was found vandalized completely on Wednesday with a suspected pickax. In translation, someone just couldn’t, even. They grabbed an ax and they went to town on the Republican nominee’s Hollywood star.

The LAPD has currently one suspect, James Lambert Otis, in custody on $20,000 bail. In an interview with CNN, Otis said he would sell the parts to the star and give the proceeds to the women accusing Trump of sexual assault.

Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “I told Hillary Clinton ‘Happy Birthday’ before my sister”
  • “That sounds like a disease an Oompa Loompa would get.”
  • “Is Neil deGrasse Tyson the gay one from How I Met Your Mother?”
  • Person 1: “Wow, that’s a lot of money.”
  • Person 2: “Yeah, but not enough to buy a cousin.”
  • “She’s cute but that girl is a witch.”
  • “So, the gender neutral term for sugar daddy is glucose guardian and damn do I need one of those.”
  • Second time I saw her she just sat on my lap and showed me her herpes.”
  • “I would get a Ph.D. in Hawk wristbands.”
  • “You have the Vineyard Vines app? What does it do? Tell you cool things to say?”
  • “I’m starting to think Trump’s pulling a fast one on us.”

Enslaved by Hip-Hop: A Rant


By Jaden Nussbaum



Retrieved from: diymag.com/2016/01/23/kanye-west-drake-collab-in-the-studio-larry-graham

In case you haven’t heard by now, Kanye West disclosed some inside details regarding his current schemes and come ups in an interview with Vogue magazine back in early September. You can Keep Up With Kanye and read the entire article here, even though I can save you some time and tell you the one truly important piece of information bestowed upon us by our beloved Yeezy: a Kanye/Drake collaboration is in the works. This is not a drill; not enough people are talking about this.

We aren’t talking about some B-list collab. This is Drake, Drizzy, 6 God, AUBREY GRAHAM combined with Yeezus himself. What we did to deserve these blessings is beyond what my lowly feeble brain can understand, but I’ll accept them with no dissent.

The thought of this album really, for some reason, excites the hell out of me. The two most (opinion warning) culturally impactful hip hop artists of the decade are grinding away to grace our humble, undeserving souls with an album that will change the face of America.

Okay, it’s probably not that serious – but it is a really big deal. I know I’m not alone in saying this and I really feel like an entire generation is hinging on the release of this album. We’re hungry. The anticipation makes us all tense; can you feel it? You didn’t know it was there until I pointed it out, but you feel it. We’re all the same.

My point: modern hip-hop has taken the genre and transformed it into a social and cultural empire. Meaning we are putty in their hands. We live our lives in accordance to them, oftentimes unconsciously. These impacts may be positive or negative, but even the fact that they exist confirms the pop rapper’s reign.

Think about it. Rap and hip-hop artists were once treated like thugs and degenerates. They are now treated like royalty – and they didn’t get that treatment on accident. Some of the industry’s biggest stars made some moves, did some low-key “gangsta shit”, and purposely propelled the hip-hop namesake into relevance that can almost be equated to mass worship.

So whether you’re bouncing between music streaming services in an effort to culture yourself with the newest album or mixtape, buying merchandise, or even checking a Kardashian snap story, you are contributing to the ascension to godhood experienced by these artists and their associates.

When did this happen? When did I start separating contrasting portions of my life by album releases? Does anybody remember the exact moment we all fell under the complete control of a handful of pop-rappers? They have us hooked; why else would we obsess over their families, significant others, and personal lives?

I used to always feel indifferent about rappers and the music they produced. Some of it was good, but most of it was repetitive and cliché. None of it gave me that euphoric tingle I sought and expected out of the music I listened to.

While I’ve always been a fan of Drake, I had never considered myself a true hip-hop enthusiast. My taste in music has always aligned with songs and artists that have a ritualistic effect on culture, AKA I’m a basic b!tch. I listen to what is popular. So, as a self-described basic, I can tell you society was totally and completely devoured by the world of hip-hop the day Kanye West released The Life of Pablo.

Hip-hop has always been huge, don’t get me wrong but something changed in the air that day. TLOP struck a chord with the world. It did this by being different, by feeding our collective a need to feel chic, manic, and a little spiritual. Rap and hip-hop are restricted to themes of parties and drugs no longer, and making hip-hop music that can get you in your feels has ceased to be a Drake-specific anomaly. Sorry, Drizzy.

Funky beats and ethereal choruses are cool now, and this trend has no end in sight. Chance the Rapper took advantage of our newfound curated taste for a more spiritual rap experience and slapped us in the face with Coloring Book. Along with that, Drake kept us dancing with Views. Will we ever get a break?

We are now cogs in a machine. Are you okay with it? I think I am. As long as these artists continue shelling out content that makes me want to chug a pot of coffee and get my life together: I’m obsessed. I am the property of the rap industry, and I know you feel the same. Let’s stomp on our dignities, cast away our doubts, and together we will blindly allow hip-hop to drag us into the future.

WTF Is Up?! – A Debate, A Documentary, and More!


By Darby VanHoutan


There’s only one day left until Homecoming, a week until Halloween, and about a million weeks left until Christmas break. This doesn’t leave much time to stay updated so here’s WTF happened this week!

Goodbye Michelle/ Thanks Obama

It’s about that time. Imagine slow, sad, somber music playing (think “Good Riddance” by Green Day) as America’s favorite family leaves a giant white house. After almost eight years, President Barack Obama along with his family are due to leave the Washington D.C. very soon and T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine) documented the end of an era spectacularly.

First lady Michelle Obama is one of the cover stars of T Magazine’s “Greats” issue. Let me spoil it for you and let you know the FLOTUS is ~killing~ it. With perfectly shaped eyebrows, amazing bone structure, and an undeniably kick-ass way of doing things, Michelle Obama steals the show. Included in the issue are love letters (must-reads btw) written by Jon Meacham, Rashida Jones, Gloria Steinem, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Gloria Steinem describes Michelle as “a tall, strong, elegant and seriously smart woman who happens to live in the White House”.

The Documentary We’ve Been Waiting For

Variety magazine let the world know about some very exciting news this week. There is a documentary coming about America’s badass-sweetheart Cara Delevigne. The movie, titled “The Cara Project” was bought by Revolver Entertainment and will document Delevingne’s journey from model to actress.

Delevigne began acting in the 2015 movie “Paper Towns” after receiving TWO British Fashion Awards for “Model of the Year”. The actress/ model/ eyebrow goddess has also starred in “Pan” and most recently “Suicide Squad” with multiple more movies on the way.

There’s no release date or trailer yet, although Revolver Entertainment said it should be released in the United States and Canada in the next few months. I will no doubt purchase the first ticket.

FINALLY – The Last Presidential Debate

The last of the three 2016 Presidential debates took place this past Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wore an eggshell pantsuit and Republican nominee Donald Trump wore a red tie. I’m sorry but this is truly the most exciting stuff I can tell you. Topics discussed included: immigration, abortion, Russia, and the economy (which honestly neither of the candidates had cumulative ideas about). This served as the last time for the candidates to speak both directly to the public and face off against each other before the election on November 8. It was moderated by Fox News reporter, Chris Wallace, who was honestly unintimidated and effective.

There’s plenty of jokes to be made and snapchat filters to be added regarding the debate but also some ~freaking~ important issues being handled by one outsider elitist businessman and one qualified scandal-surrounded woman. There are many polls like CNN, CBS, and more have Secretary Clinton winning. However, Donald Trump himself tweeted at 3 a.m. that he won. Very ~reliable~.

Regardless of funniness of candidates or memes made with pictures of them – it’s important to remember one important thing: one of them will be making decisions FOR you in less than three months.

Bobby Shmurda

This past Wednesday, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda was officially sentenced to seven years in prison. Shmurda was first arrested in December of 2014 outside of a recording studio in Manhattan.

The rapper (arguably most famous for his song “Hot Nigga”) first accepted a plea in early September. However, he urged the judge to withdraw his plea in court on Wednesday saying he was forced by his attorney. The judge didn’t back down and carried out the September ruling.

Oh, and when the rapper was first arrested and his bail was set at $2 million, his record label (Epic Records) didn’t bail him out. In an interview with the New York Times the 22-year-old said, “When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me, but they never did”. Is that not some of the most depressing gangster stuff you have ever heard?

Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “After this day, I just want my crack pipe.”
  • “Fuck yeah, T-Mobile is my homie.”
  • “Hot chocolate is coffee, right?”
  • “I’m pissed off, I’m gonna get a granola bar.”
  • “Kansas football is like my sex life.”
  • “You even wonder what human would taste like?”
  • “We’re not in England right now, you can’t just say that!”
  • “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!”
  • “I wish Clay Aiken still made music.”
  • “I love sturdy, hefty ginger men. It’s a fucking fetish.”

5 Essentials of Preppy Style


By Justin Hermstedt

What is prep? Some say it’s a way of life. It’s more than just wearing Ralph Lauren (praise be unto him). It’s not what fills the closets in fraternities. In fact, it’s closer to your dad’s wardrobe than your frat-daddy’s one.

What we recognize as prep today can be traced back to the early 20th century Ivy League schools. Today, there are two major hemispheres of preppy style: Northeastern (think J. Crew) and Southern (think Vineyard Vines). Prep is about wearing clothes that never go out of style. It’s about practicality, versatility and effortlessness.

Here are five essential elements for a preppy wardrobe:

The Button-Down Shirt


The button-down shirt is the most blatant prep staple. You can fit a button-down shirt into a wide range of outfits. It can work with shorts, under a sweater, or in a suit. However, not all button-downs are made equal. Seek 100% cotton and find a shirt that fits as perfectly as possible. Muted colors and modest patterns are most versatile.

Clean Sneakers


“Clean” meaning minimalist and bright, not “smudgeless.” White leather sneakers are your best friend here. For business casual or more formal occasions, sneakers can be a bit of a stretch, so opt for a brown leather shoe. Go easy on the boat shoes though.


AKA khakis, these are often the pant of choice for preppy dressers. Similar to the button-down, the best thing about chinos is their versatility. Toss in a navy blazer and you have the original prep uniform.

A Jacket for Every Occasion


About 29 days out of any given month, the aforementioned navy blazer has no rightful place on an average college student’s body. There’s a right tool for the right job, and the same can be said for jackets. Fall is the perfect time to try out mid to lightweight jackets, from denim, to chore coats, to Harrington jackets.



Attention to detail matters in any look and can distinguish an excellent outfit from an okay one. In a preppy look the details are crucial. Add tasteful accessories. Get the perfect break on your pant legs. Wear clothes with textures that add dimension to your outfits.


Photography by Georgia Hickam

Modeled and styled by Justin Hermstedt

KCFW S/S ‘17: Saturday Runway Show


By Mary Ann Omoscharka

The finale night of the Kansas City Fashion Week was as glamorous as you can possibly imagine. The grand hall of the Union Station was filled with the finest people wearing the most outstanding outfits and having the time of their lives.

On Saturday evening, nine designers presented their collections. And because when it comes to the art of fashion pictures speak louder than words, here is a gallery of their most breathtaking creations we were lucky to witness on the runway.

Alicia Janesko and Janesko were the first ones on the runway with a wild, multi-color collection of caftans accompanied by modern accessories that made us want to follow the models “into the jungle”.



As next, Lauren Bander showed a collection of aerial dresses decorated with delicate flowers.



La Rae Fashions created a clothing line for the princess warrior in all of us, who love to be “Pretty in pink”.



Atelie Samosi with Nino Patarkalashvili, a designer from the Republic of Georgia, who showcased his magnificent couture collection inspired by cultural elements.




Nataliya Meyer for Lucia’s Sarto, a KCFW veteran brand, brought a magnificent couture bridal collection for extravagant brides with the boldest taste.




Julia Fisher showcased her debut collection in deep fuchsia color tones, sheer fabrics and floral patterns.



The evening continued with a highly feminine clothing line with prevailing Earth-colored-combinations and sophisticated cuts by Sara Kahrs.



The final designer of KCFW S/S ‘17 was Christine Nelson with Annmann Designs, who presented a collection of grandiose jewelry in the form of spectacular headpieces and more.




Thank you Kansas City Fashion Week for the amazing opportunity and experience!

Photography by Maggie Russell

Halloween Inspired DIY: Midnight Moon V-Neck


By Natalie Gibson

As Halloween approaches, our mysterious, darksome sides tend to come out and haunt us. Decorations have been up since midst September and we just can’t wait to pull off a scary costume or just a dark nail polish and all-black outfit. But who said we could only be in spirit the weekend of Halloween? Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to decorate a fun and flirty black v-neck t-shirt to turn it into a spooky, Twilight-worthy accent piece.  


  • White paint
  • Black T-shirt
  • 1 piece of paper
  • Paint brush
  • Cardboard

Step 1: Gather your supplies.


Step 2: Stick the piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt and flatten out the top of the t-shirt.

Step 3: Cut 16 even circles out of the piece of paper.  This will be the outline for the phases of the Moon.  Tracing a cup or a bracelet will help keep the circle consistent.  


Step 4: Tape the piece of paper onto the t-shirt.  

Step 5: Start painting! Using a regular paint brush or foam paint brush will work the best to add texture to your painting.  The amount of paint in each circle should increase as you make your way towards the middle.  The full Moon should either be in the second or third row to equally transition from each moon phase.  


Step 6: Let the t-shirt sit for a day and dry.  If you try to wear it right away you will most likely alter the paint on the shirt.  


Step 7: Flaunt your dark side and show off your new creation!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

KCFW S/S ‘17: Thursday Runway Show & Chiefs Style Lounge


By Mary Ann Omoscharka


The second night of the Kansas City Fashion Week had a very special, “red” vibe. The Kansas City Chiefs football team hosted their fifth annual Chiefs Style Lounge in collaboration with the KCFW and the result was absolutely glorifying. The entire venue was illuminated with red lights and a great amount of guests wore the color in their outfits as an honor to the team.

The runway shows featured the latest Chiefs apparel combined with pieces from KC Garment District Boutique and Dillard’s, worn by not only current, but also Alumni Chiefs Cheerleaders.


All designers were invited to engage in the “Chiefs Design Challenge”, where they could win a $1,000 prize for styling an outfit with a Chiefs Kingdom t-shirt.


Chiefs Designer Challenge Winner, Kiana Godsey

In addition, five designers presented their S/S ‘17 collections.

The first one to hit the runway that night was Georgina Herrera, who brought her mesmerizing jewelry pieces on simple, yet classy black outfits.


Keefe Cravat showcased his one-of-a-kind neck wear collection full of colorful ties and bowties for the boldest gentlemen, who love to make a statement.


As third on the catwalk, Roger Figueroa and his contemporary dream collection for both men and women. His finale piece, a yellow “pants-gown”, completely blew us away.


Barbara Bultman Designs presented her unique clothing line, full of diverse materials accompanied by expressive make-up.


Last one on the runway was Kiana Godsey with a collection of astonishing bridal gowns and cocktail dresses for modern fairies.


Photography by Maggie Russell


WTF Is Up?! – A Dank New Show, A Flawless New Covergirl, and More!


By Darby VanHoutan


Fall break is over and now we have to be ~productive~ and get ~focused~ and eat more than just our roommate’s leftover Pizza Shuttle. That doesn’t leave much time for staying informed so here’s a little update on WTF happened this week!

Martha & Snoop

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are having a dinner party and you’re invited. In August of this year, the duo announced that they would have a show. So I waited, and waited, and waited. After one trillion and half years of waiting, the release date has been announced and it is spookily close.

Their show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, airs on November 7. Are you kidding? That’s like tomorrow. It will debut on VH1 and has an accompanying (& notably quite lit) trailer that can be viewed → here.

Is Shailene Woodley an IRL Dauntless?

Actress Shailene Woodley demonstrated her kind of badass, real life qualities last Monday. In a two-hour-long Facebook livestream that has been viewed over 4.5 million time, Woodley peacefully protests the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (A pipeline that would aggressively hurt the lives of Standing Rock Sioux tribe).

BUT WAIT. At the end of the video, Woodley was arrested by police for trespassing. The heavily armored officers stopped Woodley on the way back to her mobile home. In the video they refuse to answer questions when Woodley asks why out of the hundreds of protesters they arrested her. ~Spoiler alert~: It’s cause you famous girly!

The actress has since broken her silence via Instagram.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes & Poppin’ Highlighter, Oh My!

James Charles. You may not recognize the name now but trust me, you will. Covergirl announced Charles as their first male Covergirl (a Coverboy if you will). He is scheduled to launch a new lash line they have coming out as well as lots of appearances in commercials. Let me tell you: the boy is 17 and shapes his eyebrows better than any human being I’ve ever seen.

Arguably, the first time the world heard of him is when he infamously re-did his school photos with a ring light to ensure his highlight would be poppin’. He uploaded ~this~ photo to Twitter and it went viral. The rest of his Twitter and Instagram accounts are filled with unique makeup looks that could more than likely make a blind man see again.

Trump’s Tapes

BREAKING NEWS: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said some dumb stuff, again. Of course at this point, this absolutely wouldn’t be newsworthy. However, I believe this one is worth noting due to the effects it’s had on the nominee. A recording of Trump in 2005 on an “Access Hollywood” bus has him saying derogatory things about the things he has and will do to women because he was famous. He is talking to reporter Billy Bush who laughed along. View the video/recording here.

During the second presidential debate, Trump said the eleven year old recording was just “locker room talk”, which is a statement so stupid I don’t even know how to insult it. Although many republicans stuck by him in his earlier statements, multiple senators and political officials aligned with the GOP are pulling their support. His own running mate said he didn’t condone the nominee’s comments and canceled all of his upcoming events with the campaign. Stay. Tuned.



KCFW S/S ‘17: Wednesday Runway Show


By Mary Ann Omoscharka

Kansas City Fashion Week celebrated it’s 10th runway season last night at the Union Station in downtown Missouri. Nine designers presented their S/S ‘17 collections on a European-style runway, where the models walked “freely” among the seated guests.

The atmosphere was full of excitement and high expectations that were definitely met by the end of the night. Style on the Hill sat front row, in order to make sure we bring you the most fabulous experience through our own eyes.

The evening opened with a collection by Eltee, a brand founded by Laura Talken in 2011. The leading highlights of the collection were peaceful nude tones united with breathtaking emerald green.



The second designer to showcase her work was Irina Tevzadze, a designer and artist originally from the country of Georgia. Tevzadze presented a (not only) childrenswear collection in earthy colors and clean cuts.


As next, the show continued with a two-in-one presentation by LV SWIM a brand created by Lauren Victoria Hulen, who brought patterned swimwear and Earkandie! POParazzi Inspired Jewelry, whose edgy jewels perfectly completed the ready-for-the-beach outfits and made us miss the summer already.


TR Brown designs by Tiffany Brown, who took us on a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea with her combination of  turquoise-based garments and playful straw handbags.


The night carried on with an adorable children’s clothing collection, Aerona by Morgan Mason. The models looked fierce in their über-modern outfits, frisky hairstyles and fancy face-art.


Branded by Sher, established by Shermonda Green, followed with her visionary bright white garments and rainbow-y details that took us all the way back to the future.


The only gentleman of the night, who showcased his work on Wednesday, was Sheraz Pompey, bringing powerful color tones, sheer materials and lots of sequins.


Last but definitely not least, Munelle de Vie, who gave us all the feels with her Parisian chic inspired collection. Stripes and see-through tops. Preppy at first sight, sexy as hell at the second.


Photography by Maggie Russell

Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “I haven’t listened to modern music since 2013.”
  • Person 1: “Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?”
  • Person 2: “I am, to eat mashed potatoes.”
  • “I’m the PCP of people.”
  • “Is it weird that I recognized that guy by his calves?”
  • “Last time I was in this bathroom I was snorting cocaine.”
  • “I love you more than Mormons love Diet Coke.”
  • “I just wanna burrow into the Earth right now, I just love nature, man.”
  • “I feel like every time I sneeze I’m burning brain cells.”
  • “Dog shit is usually a bad omen, man.”
  • “I’ll be right back, watch my ripstik. Watch that thing with your Goddamn life.”

From Sweaty to Spooky: A Transition from Summer to Fall Outfits


By Darby VanHoutan

BREAKING NEWS: BREAK OUT THE RIPPED TIGHTS AND BOOT SOCKS. The only thing between us and a spooky day is the most magical time of the year – the transition from summer garments to fall clothes. The booties, maroons, and ripped jeans are back and they’re better. Here’s a few tips for when the temperature drops below 75˚.


BALANCE. It’s not cold enough for long underwear and not hot enough for tank tops. Pair long-sleeved pastels with distressed capris or jeans.


LENGTH. Fall understands that some days you want to wear shorts and some days you want to wear pants. Multi-length skirts and dresses help bring you the best of both worlds – just like fall.


COLORS. The best thing about leaves changing color is that you have a great backdrop for almost any colorful combination. Pair an exciting pattern with a nude to accent your inability to choose just one thing.


SHOES. There’s something special about the plethora of booties in the world when fall hits. A different pair for everyday or a reliable pair to get you through everything – even midterms.

Photography by Emma Creighton

5 Essentials of Palewave Style


By Logan Gossett


Collage by Reddit user /u/RipplingPopemobile.

Relaxed. Chill. Organic. Palewave blurs the line between baby-shower and reality. If you follow Mick Jenkins or Tyler the Creator on Instagram, you’ve probably seen traces of palewave. The minutiae of sanctioned palewave fits can be oppressive, but its primary identifier will always be its unobjectionable light colors. In an effort to make the tenets of palewave more potable, here are the five essentials when fashioning a palewave aesthetic.

  1. White shoes 


Totally not fake Stan Smiths that were apparently lived in by somebody who kicks ant hills for a living. Consequently, these Stans are considered “beaters” (modeled by Nicholas Purcell).

Palewave, heatwave, no-wave, close shave — doesn’t matter: cop some white shoes. After mandatorily acquiring a pair of white shoes, you and your new shoes must commit to one of the following two options.

The first, beaters (pictured above), are exactly what they sound like. Should you designate your new white shoes as beaters, don’t walk to class; mercilessly stomp through rain puddles and mounds of dirt to class. Why wear Crocs to a block party (or at all) when you can rectify your repugnantly clean white shoes by power-moshing at the Granada or lacing them around a power line? The latter will definitely give them that “lived in by Electro/Zeus” look some hipsters have been aiming for.

Your second option is to clean your shoes. Duh. For instance, Ultra Boosts demand perpetual maintenance. The hand-crafted leather shoes offered by Common Projects or Acne Studios are traditionally kept clean because of their price, which exceeds that of a credit hour at KU.

    2. Light-wash denim



If you feel insecure about your fit’s dearth of denim, feel free to double-up and curl into a light-wash denim burrito (somehow modeled by Logan Gossett. Photo by Nicholas Purcell).

“Upon this rock I will build my church,” – Jesus, who might as well be referring to light-wash denim.

This is the most important article of clothing when scaffolding your palewave closet. Hot outside? Wear light-wash jeans. Cold rain? Wear light-wash jeans. Climbing Mount Everest? Wear light-wash jeans and take lots of fit pics — the snow presents a cool background. National light-wash jeans day? Screw that, don’t conform; wear tan joggers to show off your new white shoes.

Not all light-wash jeans were created equal, however. If your denim has those loops for hammers (basically handyman lanyards), you’ve made a mistake. Turn around and return them to the Dillard’s from which they came. While you’re at the mall, cop some light-wash Levi’s 511’s or something from Dillard’s or JCPenney.  

    3. Looking comfortable


This model may be sitting on uneven concrete slabs and fresh bird poop, but he couldn’t look more comfortable. Pajamas are comfortable. Palewave just presents the illusion of comfort (modeled by Nicholas Purcell).

It can be difficult to look relaxed when all of your shirts look tensed and stressed — like they just got out of a long day at work. You want them to look relaxed. Raiding your dad’s closet can yield lucrative hauls in this regard (see #5), but the line between relaxed and repulsive is uncompromising. Obviously, wearing obese Jared Fogle’s jeans isn’t a good aesthetic, but sizing up on a Gildan hoodie or two can’t hurt. Also, oversized Gildan hoodies have 100% less affiliation with a known pedophile, so that’s a plus (bonus point: Don’t be Jared Fogle. Seriously, can’t emphasize that enough.)

Shirts with minimal stretchiness are optimal for palewave fits. They typically fall onto your body rather than swathe it like jersey knits tend to. Oversized sweaters and hoodies are a reliable way to maintain warmth and comfort as Winter Is Coming. As far as bottoms are concerned, loosely pin rolling jeans will 1) expose those ankles to that sweet sweet breeze and 2) look good.

 4. Dadhats


Kick that beanie off your head and hook that dadhat close. Dadhats can be just the icing that your earth-tone cake demands (modeled by Nicholas Purcell).

Sorry, beanies aren’t an effective way to conceal a bad hair day for those surfing the palewave. Dadhats are artificially manufactured online through Amazon or Ea$y, but pasture-raised, organic dadhats – fresh from a dad’s closet – are preferable. So find an effective dad-straction and conduct a quick closet raid for the best results. Dadhats have invaded seemingly every evasive cultural nook and cranny, and their next stop should be your head.

   5. Pastel colors

Last and most important – which is definitely the most logical sequence – pastel is a prerequisite for palewave. No fit with colors outside of this limited and unfair spectrum fit a purist’s definition of palewave (unless it’s pink or otherwise palewave-y).

Authoritatively amicable, palewave’s pointed approach toward color essentially prohibits the use of black or charcoal color schemes. Yes, I sold palewave as a relaxed super cool aesthetic. Yet, when it comes to color, you will be bombarded by earth-toned rocks and appropriately colored eggshells for deviating from pastels. Plus, part of the fun of palewave is looking like Easter after it was doused in bleach.


Kansas City Fashion Week Winter & Fall 2016


By Mary Ann Omoscharka

Photo by Eli Stack

Lucia Sarto, Photo by Eli Stack

On a cool Thursday afternoon, I wandered into a magnificent hall full of young, energized people with expressive makeup and rollers in their hair. They were running around and taking selfies. Something was about to happen and I was going to be part of it.

Yes, I volunteered at KCFW this year, and let me say it was just fabulous!

Who said that people in the midwest have no sense of style? In fact, one of the greatest fashion happenings took place during Spring break week in the grand hall of the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. The atmosphere was more than spectacular. It was my first visit at the venue and I could not keep my eyes off the breathtaking architecture of the ceiling. The organization staff and committee did an amazing job preparing three stylish nights from Thursday through Saturday and the runway shows were completely sold out. The crowd could enjoy 22 not only local designers, who presented their work for the upcoming winter and fall season.

Thursday was the evening of the Charity Runway Show. When I arrived to the venue, everything was already running smoothly. The models were having their hair and makeup done backstage. I and several other young women and men were dressed strictly in professional black, which I was excited about, since my wardrobe basically consists of 99.9% black items. We were assigned positions and started preparing the seatings, the gift bags and anything necessary accordingly. The doors opened at 6:00 pm and the guests began to arrive. Everyone looked phenomenal.

T. Michelle Designs, Photo by Sarah R. Shaffer

T. Michelle Designs, Photo by Sarah R. Shaffer

KCFW opened with seven designers that night. The first one, called The Little Line by Liz, is a local brand located in Olathe. The designer presented a beautiful artistic collection made from natural fibres. The show continued with T. Michelle Designs, which was an absolutely adorable and colourful retro collection for children. The next brand, More Than Just Figleaves, is Brooklyn-based and showcased a mixture of classic and contemporary designs in rich colours and fabrics. The fourth one, Ola Style, was a designer based in St. Louis, Missouri. She created stunning resort dresses in delicate floral patterns. Another brand from Missouri and my personal favourite of the night was Gypsy Blaque, who brought modern rebellion on the runway with some bold combinations. As next, KJ Clothing Design from Gladstone, Missouri was the only brand of the night displaying architecture inspired wedding gowns. Last but surely not least, The House of Khai, who came all the way from San Francisco and introduced an edgy street wear collection.

Gypsy Blaque, Photo by Ryan Swartzlander

Gypsy Blaque, Photo by Ryan Swartzlander

The Friday Evening Runway show brought another seven names on the catwalk. My Heirloom, a brand from Kansas City brought one of a kind romantic wedding dresses. The second Kansas City based designer that showed her collection was Present. by Rachel Anne Gottlieb. I absolutely adored her chiffon based, high fashion creations in combination with flamboyant jewellery, such as glorious headpieces. Her work spoke to me like no other on that event. As next, Kiana Godsey from Overland Park in Kansas, who designed a stunning gown collection, made from luxurious airy materials with a lot of movement. The tones that prevailed were black, gold and beige. The fourth one to show his products was Michael Drummond from St. Louis, who is a  Project Runway Season 8 alumnus and no newcomer when it comes to KCFW. Michael brought clean lines, lots of monochromes but print as well. Another name from St. Louis in Missouri, Lauren Bander, revealed a highly feminine collection of classic and crop top dresses with lace and colors like black, red or chocolate brown. The sixth name of the night, Paulie Gibson, is a St. Louis located menswear brand that came with a variety of casual and formal clothing items in black and blue shades. The night ended with the designs of the amazingly talented 15-year-old Madison LaRae Durant, whose collection is inspired by the 30’s era in one of the most fashionable cities in the world: Paris. I fell in love with her timeless couture gowns but also with her definitely wearable chic pieces. Sequins, leather and faux fur at it’s finest.


Rachel Anne Gottlieb, Photo by Laura Noll

Present by Rachel Anne Gottlieb, Photo by Laura Noll

Paulie Gibson, Photo by Mary Beth Russel

Paulie Gibson, Photo by Mary Beth Russel

The Saturday Night Runway was the closing night of Kansas City Fashion Week bringing six local KC designers. The expectations were high and the aura was cheerful. The first brand on the runway was Architexture, which brought diversity in structures, fabrics and colors for those with laid back, yet elegant preferences. The show continued with Tomboy Design Studio and their ethically produced futuristic pieces. As third that evening, Andrea Marie Long Designs, whose work took us back to the Roman Empire with her rich textures color intensities that deliver instant confidence. Next in order was Erin Paige, who showcased her fresh and distinctive jewellery collection that would be the cherry on top of every outfit. The fourth name to appear that evening was christianMICHAEL, a designer of modern, extravagant menswear bringing interesting patterns and  bright prints. At the grand finale, we saw Lucia Sarto by Nataliya Meyer. A mesmerizing collection of couture gowns made from dreamy and sparkly materials. And of course, lots of lace and attitude!

Architexture, Photo by Christiana Auer

Architexture, Photo by Christiana Auer

Someone probably very wise once said that “for some people, fashion week lasts all year.” If playing dress up is one of your favorite parts of the day, it might be your turn to volunteer as well. Applications open in August. Are you up for the challenge?

Photography courtesy of Kansas City Fashion Week

Event Radar: First Fridays in Kansas City


By Maria Rodriguez



Do you enjoy art, fashion and music? Well, look no further than Kansas City. First Fridays are full of pop culture and entertainment. And now, thanks to the University of Kansas, students are able to attend this amazing monthly event without wasting any gas money. Every First Friday (weather permitting), a bus takes students from Lawrence to Downtown KCMO.

I was able to attend for the first time ever, and it was by far one of the best events I have been to. From food trucks to art galleries, the night was full of picture opportunities.


For the 21 and over crowd, I highly recommend Up-Down bar. If you are into photography, I also recommend checking out the vintage shops on the West Bottoms.



WTF Is Up?! – Hurricanes, Robberies, and Rehab – oh my.


By Darby VanHoutan


You have to take the wins with the losses. That’s what I learned this week after seeing six puppies right before shattering my iPhone. The world took some W’s and L’s this week too! Really, WTF happened this week?!

WTF Is Happening in Florida?

Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina have been evacuated after warnings of a category 3 Hurricane Matthew. President Obama has issued an emergency declaration for the state of Florida. I’m not completely positive what this entails but it. Sounds. Spooky.

Hurricane Matthew was fatal to an estimated 100 people when it hit the Caribbean. On Thursday afternoon before the storm is set to hit, winds were already up to 140 mph. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has declared Florida coasts unstable and begged his residents to evacuate. “Do not surf. Do not go on the beach. This will kill you. There is no reason not to leave” said Scott on Thursday. Many news stations have an ongoing hurricane tracker to brace for when Matthew hits the United States.

Why Kid Cudi is Important

On Tuesday night Kid Cudi did one of the bravest things a human being can do. He admitted that he needed help. In a Facebook post, the rapper announced that he had checked himself into rehab for depression on Monday. Cudi starts the post talking about how difficult it was to find the words. “I simply am a damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions everyday of my life. There’s a ragin’ violent storm inside of my heart at all times. Idk what peace feels like. Idk how to relax. My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it”, Cudi said in his post.

Throughout the entire post Cudi apologizes and thanks friends and fans that supported him. This is why it’s important. There is no need to apologize for a disease so why do people treat mental diseases differently? Cudi is brave and honestly, has some bangers. I hope for more bangers in the future. His website provides one clear message; “cudi. #brb”

Why Kim Kardashian is Important

It was late Sunday night/ early Monday morning when things got bad for television personality Kim Kardashian West. Kardashian West attended a Paris Fashion Week reception in Paris, France with bombshell sister Kourtney Kardashian. It was hours after the pair left the event that the world learned of Kardashian West’s robbery.

According to Paris officials Kardashian West was in her apartment (2 miles from the reception) alone when two men burst in. She was then bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint of nearly $9 million in jewels. Her husband Kanye West abruptly left the stage at his concert in Queens, as soon as he found out the news (obviously).

Kardashian West was unharmed but reportedly very shaken (obviously). The internet, of course, has since been petty. Petty AF. Millions have attacked her saying she asked for it in what she wears, what she puts on social media, and how she portrays herself. Lovely insight world! I’m no expert but in my humble opinion; no one asks/deserves to be bound, gagged, and robbed. Kardashian West hasn’t spoken out personally but was seen safely leaving for Los Angeles with husband and ~adorable~ offspring on Thursday.

Trump DC Gets Tagged

Republican Presidential nominee and all around deplorable Donald Trump recently has a new hotel in the works in Washington D.C. I know. BREAKING NEWS. It gets better. On Saturday afternoon the construction site was found covered in graffiti saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘No Justice, No Peace’. Authorities have made no arrests and the sites have since been covered with plywood. Plywood. Of course, because makeshift coverings of activism will cover up a world-wide movement for equality. View pictures → here.

Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “OMG you’re like the wife I never wanted.”
  • “This may be weird, but I love to hustle people.”
  • Person 1: “It was a brown cigarette.”
  • Person 2: “It was a joint.”
  • “She never had kids, but she did have polio.”
  • “Dude, if this was a carnivorous forest all the trees would eat us.”
  • “The drunkest I’ve ever been was on Ash Wednesday.”
  • “I feel like I need to tell my mom I skipped class.”
  • “I know the song ‘Bounce it’ by Juicy J is describing his observations at a strip club, but with my eyes closed and headphones on, it makes me feel like my dreams will come true.”
  • “Why don’t you shit someone else’s pants for a change?”
  • Person 1:“What’s the difference between three cups of jungle juice and four cups of jungle juice?”
  • Person 2: “The hospital.”


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