Making Thrift Work: 01


If you’ve never been thrift shopping, be forewarned: the first time you try it I guarantee you will get frustrated. Shoulder pads, grandma dresses, odd prints, and strange silhouettes…they’ll all be there, waiting to greet you with not-so-open arms. But don’t fret! Little by little I will teach you how to thrift successfully, minus the headaches.

Here are some items I found today: 

 This vintage sweater was, admittedly, a bit granny-ish on the hanger.

Pictures don’t do this blouse any justice. The green hue is reminiscent of 90’s Nickelodeon slime and if that wasn’t quirky enough, it has shoulder pads!

I also bought a plain black men’s tie. It was actually one dollar. So why not?

These items are an example of me spontaneously grabbing things because I hadn’t seen them anywhere else before.

I cannot remember the last time I spotted a bright orange, knee length sweater or a bright green polka dotted button up so I snatched them up and tossed them in my cart. If I had thought beyond “Oooh bright! Oooo polka dots!” I would have put both pieces down honestly.

That’s why when thrifting, don’t think! Grab, grab, grab! Because if you hesitate you might miss out on a great item.

Any deliberating should be saved for the dressing room.

annnndddddd voilà:

I know socks and heels aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it made the outfit more…scholarly.

I used the men’s tie as a pussy bow. snicker snicker. Yes, I know…but that’s really what they’re called.

Plus the orange sweater looks super classy when draped over the shoulders!

Hopefully this helped a little?

Happy thrifting!

Jacqué Amadi