M.O.T.H: FINALS Edition pt. 1


The only positive I find about finals is plugging in my Beats and listening to the perfect mix. Luckily for those who feel the same, we gathered some local djs to smooth your ears during this stressful week.


Music on the Hill Presents: J▲CK ROL▲ND

“Stargazers of this subculture – I give you harmony.”

00:00 J▲CK ROL▲ND — She, the illusion [demo] (Andrea the Dreamer)
05:43 Nguzunguzu – Skycell (FadeToMind)
07:02 Huerco S. — Prinzif (Colonial Patterns)
08:50 Laurel Halo — Ainnome (Chance of Rain)
10:17 Egyptrixx — Water (A/B til Infinity) //// 10:29 MIKE WALL — Times [Original Mix] /// 11:49 Cheap and Deep — Beautiful
14:53 Piano sample ripped from Nicolas Jaar’s mixtape release ‘Our World’
17:42 Darkside — Paper Trails
22:33 Andy Stott — Submission [sampled] /// 23:22 Destiny’s Child — Emotion [Accapella sample] /// 24:25 Burial — Come Down to Us [sampled]
26:11 BLONDES — Business
29:06 Delroy Edwards — Heart and Soul (Lies X-MAS 01)

For more mixes by J▲CK ROL▲ND visit his soundcloud page.

And check back this week for more local artists. GOOD LUCK JAYHAWKS! 

Graphic by Patrick Blanchard.

Edited by Emily Paulson.