Lookin’ Fresh & Profesh


In honor of the upcoming Career Fair, (February 13th, people) Style on the Hill is teaming up with the University Career Center to ensure you are styling your success: 

Wake up, ladies. It’s been four years (or three for the ambitious ones), and now we have to go out and find a big girl job or internship. So clean up your resumé, gather your confidence and remember whyyou’rethebestcandidatefortheposition. The hardest part is over. Now, you just have to get dressed.

So here’s a brief lesson on the first impression:


What you wear relies greatly on what field you’re in, so dress for your prospective employer, or in my case, for the person who will be writing the check to support my shopping addiction.

And while a well-tailored suit will never go out of style, sometimes you have to jazz up the seemingly bland office rags and stand out from the sea of structured neutrals.  So if your field permits you to pop, here are some items to consider when looking fresh and profesh. (Bear with me; professional attire is extensive and limitless – especially for females.)

1. Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts can be a potent injection of femininity and power, and at the proper length, it can replace the business suit with an acceptable sartorial twist. Just remember: length and structure is everything. Make sure the hemline hovers above your knees, and save your cleavage for the weekend.


2. Classic White Button-Up and Bold Outerwear

Ironing sucks, but looking clean and sexy doesn’t. Fight the tedium with a bold blazer or jacket; make it the focal point of the outfit.


3. Shoes

Cover your toes. Wear heels only if they’re under four inches. Flats.. sure, but only if they’re clean and shiny. And huzzah! because penny loafers are making a comeback.

DSC_0160 4. Pants/slacks/trousers/knickers – We’ve got something for everybody.

Avoid jeans at all costs. If your mom would call them “slacks,” then it’s probably a nice pair of pants, or… slacks.DSC_0104

Oh, and pantsuits must be tailored.


For those who are not too keen on pumps and pantsuits, you’re in luck because business casual remains a steady fixture in the grown-up world. So when you run out of dresses and your tootsies hurt from faking comfort in heels, business casual is here for you.DSC_0085

Just pair clean-cut jeans, black pants or don a simple dress with a blazer and flats. Think of business casual like professional attire, except you get to pick one or two aspects of the stuffy, business ensemble to trade in for something casual: the rule of no-more-than-two.

Think of these not so much as rules, but as guidelines. Use your judgment when breaking them, and show that not only are you’re employable – you’re fashionable, too.


(And if you haven’t attempted the sock bun, you must. Even I can do it.)

Maria Juarez

Photography by  Vasu Gupta
Model: Brook Williams