Ladies Love Layering


Are you a well-dressed dude who’s up on his sartorial game? I don’t know. I don’t know you. You may have noticed the temperature has dropped, which means you must wear more than a t-shirt on the way to class (and for God’s sake, more than just shorts). That said, let’s talk about layering because bitches love cashmere on tweed on flannel.

sosh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-169For those guys favoring function over form, layering does have a purpose. You may ask why I’m wearing a scarf under a cardigan under a coat. Well, it’s 30 degrees when I walk to class, and 60 degrees when I walk home. I don’t have a magic coat that covers the entire spectrum of wintry-mix temperatures. North Face doesn’t make that coat yet. While wearing several removable layers may seem like overkill, you’ll thank me when you’re warm and toasty walking to school and dodging sweaty pits and swamp ass when you’re walking home. Just peel off a layer and toss it in your backpack. Might as well get some use out of that bag because there sure as hell aren’t notes in it. Or if there are, let’s be honest; nobody re-reads their notes.

Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-130-1024x682For those few sartorialists out there – the dudes into looking good – layering adds visual interest to any outfit. It’s like an ice cream cake. Remember those bullshit ice cream cakes your parents would buy from the grocery store? They were one flavor, and that shit was weak. And your guests knew it. But remember when they’d spring for the ones from DQ? The kind with vanilla, chocolate, fudge, AND crunchy chocolate bits. That’s what you want – all the flavors. Impress the girls, or guys. I don’t care what you’re into. (Ladies, my email is on this site somewhere).

The formula is simple: start with your basics and always stick to what you know.

Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-16-1024x682Now turn it up a notch – add one more shirt. This will raise your texture game (flannel on cotton), as well as add some visual flare (patterns with basics).

Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-37-1024x682Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-43-Edit-Edit-1024x682Next, you add and repeat. The idea is to maintain a balance in your outfit by using different colors and fabrics to play off one other (a plain cotton t-shirt under a plain cotton sweater is, well, too plain). Mixing and matching patterns can be difficult if you’re a newbie to all this, so try sticking to one patterned piece with other solids. When done right, the mix of fabrics, colors and patterns comes off pretty damn well.

Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-81-Edit-1024x682Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-77-1024x682Next, if you think jean jackets aren’t cool, read a book. Jean jackets never went out of style. You simply need to contrast your upstairs and downstairs denim to avoid the dreaded Canadian tuxedo look. So pair a light denim jacket with dark jeans, or vice versa.

Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-122-1024x682Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-124-1024x682Still need help? A simple shirt under a sweater is an uncomplicated way to look instantly put-together but not overly formal. Now you’re warm, you look professional and you know how to play with colors, patterns and textures. Good for you. Your outfit now has visual swag, and everybody loves visual interest like I love fudge and crunchy chocolate bits in my ice cream cakes.Josh_NatureReserve_11_6_12-117-1024x682

-Nick Longsfeld

Photography by Max Mikulecky
Styled by Sabrina Liedtke
Model: Josh Munsch