Heard on the Hill



  • ​”Bath and Body Works lotion makes me feel some type of way.”
  • “If I were 27 and a MILF I’d be twerking on the wedding dance floor too.”
  • (in Fraser) “I feel like this building is going to collapse at any second. It just smells like it’s going to.”
  • “I was late to class because I slept through my alarm. I got to class 20 minutes into it, then fell asleep in the class. No more dollar nights guys.”​
  • “I should bring Crocs back, make em’ cool.”
  • “I would be at my internship all day surrounded by successful people, then I would come home and put whipped cream on my French Toast Crunch. I did that for like a solid week.”
  • “Oh my god I look like PURE butthole.”
  • Girl: “The hottest hookup I ever had was in the Shot Room bathroom at the Cave. It was intimate.”
    Friend: “You’re kidding me, right?”
  • “I’m at the point where I wear nicer clothes. I need to do laundry.”
  • “Do you know what my favorite part of college is so far? Tinder…it’s so fun.”
  • (At the Hawk) Guy 1: “God it smells like vomit in here.”
    Guy 2: “I just vomited.”