Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “Dora the Explorer’s not a soap opera?”
  • “Why do you need condoms when you have Yu-Gi-Oh cards?”
  • “Classes are canceled again today and my ass is extremely saved”
  • “And then it’s probably going to end with the money shot with people tasting it.”
  • “Does anyone else think this doorknob looks like the Haunted Mansion in Disneyworld?!”
  • Person 1: “Bro I’m so hyped for BLT’s today.”
    Person 2: “Bro me too! Wait, BDSM is for lunch?”
    Person 1: “No bro, BLT.”
    Person 2: “Oh… do u guys like BDSM?”
    Person 1: “Nah bro, i just like missionary.”
  • “If he wasn’t looking so desperately for something to love him, he’d be a great time.”
  • “My dad was a pipe organ major in college.”
  • “Is North Korea the country that likes anime?”
  • “I’m so pissed I could shit myself.”