Heard on the Hill


The SOTH spies are listening! Here’s what we heard around campus last week:HOTH 2

  • “The syllabus said there’s a 3,000 word research paper so I dropped the class, while I was sitting in the class.”​
  • Talking to the bartender: “If I tell you I love you in four different languages will you give me a free tequila shot?”
  • “Ugh she said she’s going to a law school job thing. I need to hangout with freshmen, I’m more on their level.”
  • “She had a missing tooth! But hey bro, when life gives you lemons, you fuck the lemons.”
  • “I think he was just trying to see how many times he said penetrate in an art history lecture.”
  • “There were a bunch of people in Watkins coughing with those surgical masks on, and I felt like I was in a zombie plague movie.”
  • “Shit, my Polo logo on my sock doesn’t show when I put my converse on.”
  • Girl 1: “I’ve worn Lululemon shorts out to the bars before, it’s totally fine.”
    Girl 2: “Yeah but only on like a Tuesday.”
  • Anyway, that’s not really how the story ended. I had to give it a happy ending, but in reality my stepmom is a bitch and I hate her.”
  • “If we got married in Vegas, would you contribute to a kickstarter campaign to help pay for our annulment?”


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