Heard on the Hill


Our SOTH spies are back, bringing you the funniest, weirdest, and always out of context quotes heard on campus and around Lawrence. If you’ve got a quip to add to our list, send us a note at styleonthehill@gmail.com.


  • Person 1: “Ugh. Someone sent me an email in Comic Sans.”
    Person 2: “Why would someone do that?”
    Person 1: “Because they hate me.”
  • Girl 1: Do you get Starbucks every morning?
    Girl 2: Yeah?
    Girl 1: I commend you girl. If I did that I would be broke as a joke and fat as fuck!
  • “Jayhawk Boulevard… that’s the street with Target at the end right?”
  • “I’m feeling pretty good today. I don’t think I’ll do any drugs tonight!”
  • Girl: “I’m sorry, you were where?”
    Guy: “I said I went to a post-apocalyptic theatrical metal concert last night.”
  • Girl: “I watched The Purge a couple nights ago and now I’m convinced there is someone crawling outside my window at night, should I call the cops?”
  • Guy: “Yeah I’m totally voting for Kanye, but only because I want Kim Kardashian as our First Lady.”
  • Teacher: “Is the noise from outside the window too noisy for you guys or..?”
    Student: “It makes it sound spooky.”
  • Girl to a friend: “Dude, I totally knew you would be on this bus. You wouldn’t want to walk the extra stretch to Ellsworth from the 43 red stop.”
  • “Have you been to The Cave?! It was the SICKEST place I’ve ever partied at…”