Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “Is Stephen King the one in the wheelchair?”
  • Guy 1: “Fuck, there are so many pretty girls here.”
  • Guy 2: “I wish I was a pretty girl.”
  • Guy 1: “Aw, you are a pretty girl.”
  • “Have you noticed that every time I drink parrot bay passion fruit run I turn into a hoe?”
  • “My eyes are watering – that don’t mean nothing.”
  • “Mickey stole my sweatpants money and used it to buy Doritos!”
  • “Ugh, Satan’s calling again.”
  • “I wish I was wearing a diaper right now.”
  • Person 1: “Eleanor!”
  • Person 2: “Her full name is Elizabeth.”
  • Person 1: “Oh…Eleanor!”
  • “My eyes are rewinding.”
  • Person 1: “Is that for cancer?”
  • Person 2: “No, I think it’s for zombies.”