Heard on the Hill


HOTH crop

  • “In my opinion, few things match a nice circumcision.”
  • “Is it really a spooky day if you haven’t eaten an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips?”
  • “I got to ride in a Subaru today. It’s always a good day when you get to ride in a Subaru.”
  • “If I drove right now, I’d get a DUI.” (Heard at 11.39 AM)
  • “I’m so ugly, I’m leaving.”
  • “That’s just how I generally feel, not dead but crusty.”
  • “Fuck, I wanna be white trash.”
  • “Drink jumbo margarita like a dog.”
  • “I have $10 on my face right now, I am not sweating that shit off at the gym.”
  • “I don’t know why my mom is never excited when I meet boys.”