Heard on the Hill


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Heard on the Hill is back!

  • “Let’s play a game called ‘How lit can I get in a minute’.”
  • Person 1:“Is that a condom?”

          Person 2: “No it’s a beef ramen.”

  • “Stop being a bad bitch, go to bed!”
  • “I would pole dance for a pizza right now, just saying.”
  • “I really want to order something but I can’t read the menu because I never learned to read cursive.”
  • “I thought I lost my shirt. Then I realized I’m wearing it.”
  • “I think Michelle Obama’s kinda hot.”
  • “Can I use beak Em bucks at the liquor store?”
  • Person 1: “What are you up to tonight?”

          Person 2: Well, NBA 2k17 came out and I got ton of rice cakes, so that.”

  • “I sing the Greek alphabet when I run because it helps me concentrate.”