Heard on the Hill


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The SOTH spies are at it again and have continued listening to professors, students and campus randos for the funniest, weirdest and most out of context quotes. Each week we’ll be posting a compilation of the best ones. If you’d like to contribute to Heard on the Hill, email your overheard quips to styleonthehill@gmail.com.

  • Student: “So the guy is standing butt ass naked in the street, his pecker in one hand and nothing but air and opportunity between him and this cop.”

  • Guy: *sits in the Gynecology waiting room at Watkins and looks around* “I think I might be in the wrong place.”

  • Girl 1: “No one deserves the death penalty.”
    Girl 2: “Yea, except Theon Greyjoy.”

  • Girls standing in line to get into bar: “I mean we all have boyfriends, so why are we even here?”

  • Guy: “So much stuff gets caught in my mustache.”
    Girl: “Flavor savers.”

  • Student: “I’m holding off on drinking water so I don’t dilute my alcohol content.”