Heard on the Hill



It’s the final week of #HOTH! We’ve loved gathering your hilarious, overheard, completely out of context quotes on campus and around town. Here’s another dose to get you through the last week of school. Good luck on finals!

  • “We should take realistic graduation photos, like me crying in the library in my cap and gown.”
  • “I need to stop taking Benadryl before I sleep, man, I had a dream that Bernie Sanders was president.”
  • “This bitch was sick three weeks ago. Her futon is still covered with used tissues. When I asked her to clean them up, she had the balls to say, “I’ve been pretty busy.”
  • “Someone pooped in the shower, how does that happen?”
  • “I am not going to check when any of my finals are this semester. I already have a job, so who cares if I miss them.”
  • “But you’re like, too cute to go to the gym.”
  • Girl 1: “What are you going to put on your mortarboard?”
    Girl 2: “I don’t really want to do anything. It seems like too much work.”
    Girl 1: “You should put that on it. It’s clearly your college motto.”
  • “So instead of class next Wednesday, we’re going to party it up! Bring anything you want, except NO alcohol.”
  • Girl 1: “My brain is vibrating.”
    Girl 2: “Answer it.”
  • ​”Jesus Christ, we ate hot dogs again.”
  • “I just don’t trust a guy in a black button-down shirt.”