Heard on the Hill



Another week, another collection of hilarious quotes heard around campus. College kids say the darnedest things…

  • “I feel like the goddamn omelettes from Mrs. E’s.”
  • Girl: “Having a beach body is overrated.. It’s 2016.”
  • “I wouldn’t be worried about finals if I actually went to class.”
  • “I’ve had to start selling the clothes off my back to pay for drinks.”
  • “Tinder is the McDonald’s for sex.”
  • “I’m getting old, man. At some point sex jokes stopped being funny and dad jokes became hilarious.”
  • “I walk around with the earphones on because people are bullshit.”
  • “We only have five weeks left of college, and I plan to be intoxicated every second of it.”
  • Girl: “I can’t go back to Texas for grad school. The University of Texas is not my style. Orange is just not in my color wheel.”
  • Girl 1: “When the hell is Graduation this year, anyway?”
    Girl 2: “You’re the one graduating…”
  • “I wouldn’t call you the ‘apartment mom.’ You’re more of the ‘apartment drunk aunt.’”