Heard on the Hill



From #WifiApocalypse to April Fool’s Day, the SOTH spies heard it all last week (and we’re still laughing). Let the hilarity ensue!

  • “What the fuck am I supposed to do during class without wifi?”
  • “My boob sweat has been smelling like tacos lately and I don’t know why.”
  • Girl 1: “Since it’s April and I graduate next month, does that mean I can officially start drinking during the day?”
    Girl 2: “I’ve been day-drinking since the second day freshman year.”
  • “I’ve literally fallen for every April Fool’s joke on the Internet today…even the one about Donald Trump ending his candidacy. Although that one was just cruel.”
  • “When the internet went out I realized that’s more of a necessity to me than food.”
  • “I seriously couldn’t handle classes today with no wifi… what the hell are we supposed to do the whole time the teacher is lecturing?”
  • “How am I supposed to get anything done if I can’t play my Spotify playlist?”
  • “I don’t understand Kansas. She’s feeling great and sunny one day, then the next she’s crying her eyes out and freezing us. It must be that time of the month.”
  • “I was so blacked on Thursday night my friends had to stop me from stripping in the middle of Mass Street.”
  • “She’s doing cocaine even on a Tuesday night…. That’s when you know you have a problem. It’s totally okay if you only do it every once in awhile.”
  • “I feel like college is just a time to get all your slut out.”