Heard on the Hill



The SOTH spies are at it again and have continued listening to professors, students and campus randos for the funniest, weirdest and most out of context quotes. Each week we’ll be posting a compilation of the best ones. If you’d like to contribute to Heard on the Hill, email your overheard quips to styleonthehill@gmail.com.

Heard on the Hill graphic

  • Guy1: “Should we pick up girls at the bar or a house party?”
    Guy2: “Cheaper to pick up a girl at a house party. But we have the same chances of getting the clap, so fuck it.”

  • Teacher: “Do what you’ve gotta do to get in the writing mood before Thursday’s class.  Take a shot of liquor, a couple hits… you know, whatever.”

  • Girl 1: “What are you like politically?”
    Girl 2: “At heart, I’m a communist.”

  • Girl in bar bathroom to friend: “My boyfriend is so cool when he buys Chapstick he is able to keep it the whole time until it runs out.”

  • Friend 1: “I’m so pasty and pale.”
    Friend 2: “You’re not pasty and pale, you’re shiny and clear.”
    Friend 3: “Like Twilight.”
    Friend 1: “You guys are so high.”